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10 Way For Picking Great Infographic Ideas

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Why Aren’t People Looking at Infographics?

We live in an extremely different world. We are bombar

ded by thousands of messages everyday on social media, emails, TV, and anywhere else you’re hooked up.

A lot of people were publishing into the void and wasting

 their time.

Ask your audience directly

A surefire way to get people to care about your infographic is to pick a topic that solves a burning problem.

That means you have to know your audience and their problems. Again, this is rather obvious but very few people take the time to find out what their audience’s actual problems are.


A lot of us are afraid of upsetting our audience. We think we have to protect our audience, and as a result, we come up with these safe and boring infographic examples that no one cares about.

Change the Perspective

There is always a traditional way of framing a story or narrative but you can make it so much more interesting by changing or reframing the perspective.

All it takes is a bit of creative thinking.

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Find Origin Stories

For every topic, there is an origin story of how that topic came to be.

Think about it:

Just like the origin stories of superheroes, the origin stories of a field of interest, industry, company or influential person often make for a great infographic.

Find Extreme

Another way of choosing a good topic is to look for the extremes.

These are the outliers in your field of interest. In statistics, outliers are often “cleaned” or removed because  their influence on the rest of the data might skew the analysis.

But these outliers are often interesting.

For example, a study of how people use VR on a daily basis found that the amount of time people use VR headsets spans between a few minutes (viewing VR video) and a few hours (gaming).

Find Niches and Subcultures

Another way of finding angles of interest for topics that are popular and “noisy” is to look for a niche or subculture within that broader topic.

Finding a niche is a strategy that businesses use when they are trying to enter a new market. The same approach can be applied to infographics and content marketing.

Immediate Field

One of the surest ways of turning your audience away from an infographic is to talk only about yourself and your product.

No matter how you spin it, it will probably sound either sales-y or arrogant.

It’s better to choose a topic specific to your industry or field

Mash Up Two or More Infographic Ideas

This approach is as straightforward as it sounds–you take two seemingly unrelated topics and mash them up. The resulting topic is usually something viewed with a fresh perspective.

For example, when the new Star Wars movie was about to be released two years ago, we decided to create an infographic for the general public.

But we did not want to jump on the bandwagon and create yet another typical Star Wars infographic covering movie statistics, box office comparisons, or character features.

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Search For best

We can always use the google search or any other search options that are great for creating infographics.

And there are lots of good and great infographics on searches.

Go for pro Things

There are so many such infographics websites which sales there things on pro basis. I  you are capable to have it at that time you can purchase some great infographics.

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