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Animation and VFX is booming industry in India now. There are lot of development and demand  for 3D Animation Courses / animation.

This opportunity in animation industries are attracting young students to think of Animation Industry as career opportunity.  There are many deemed universities and institutes which provides Animation as the Degree or diploma courses. These courses are time consuming as well as costly.


There is lot of competition in colleges and institutes for this course.

Gap between Industry & college: –

This large colleges and Institutes provide best Infrastructures. However as director of Animation studio ( Atellier Studios LLP, Pune)  we notice a huge gap between what has been taught in  Colleges/ institutes and  actual work profile in Industry. When fresher’s comes for Interview 70 – 80 % of students fail to pass basic test.

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 Certification vs. Skills: –

Understand Animation is industry where what candidates can do is more important than what certification he/she has. It’s exactly like an online marketing process where results are important not your degree. And most of the colleges and students fail to understand this.

Skill Based Education is available :- 

As discuss earlier to have great career in Animation or VFX industry you should have passion towards the same. This industry is rapidly changing with change in technology and software’s so you need to be in the continuously learning process. There are many Animation studios which provide training to students. These Animation studios will give you an opportunity to work on live projects. So post two years of span students will be trained as well as experienced in Animations. With this experience they get more exposure to the industry, live projects and maximum opportunities to learn and work with well-equipped studios.

At Atellier studios LLP even we have students to whom we train. Few of them on the basis of our training working with leading studios in Mumbai. And few of them completing higher education from foreign universities. Our training helps them  to cope up with corporate pressure and its culture. Students can carry this course with their regular graduation so their academic career does not get hamper.   .

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