Best infographic video which are just awesome

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Best infographic Video

Explainer videos attract  more traffic online. You can easily share these videos on social networking platform or your website. Explainer videos Help Your Audience Retain Information. The average person retains only 10 percent of what they hear, but 50 percent of what they see. What does this mean for your business? Word-of-mouth continues to be the main way that businesses gains customers. If the customer likes your product, they’ll share your video. you will end up with more viewers and ultimately more sales.

PowerPoint slide shows and pamphlets with a bunch of words and pie charts don’t do much to engage your audience. However a  well crafted and customized explainer video for your business can catch attention of your customers immediately be it in meetings  exhibitions or on internet.

Atellier Studios LLP , believes that every business of any size should have a custom made Explainer Video Production to explain their services and product.  online video is seeing explosive growth. Explainer Video Production have boomed in popularity over the past year due to their affordability and proven effectiveness in growing a business. We craft every video based on your target audience and their requirements. So you have more conversion rate, it explains your product better way and boost your company sale.

These explainer videos explain whole ideas of business or services in few seconds. It differentiate yourself from competition and stand out, much needed in today’s competitive world.With its designs and animations it engage your prospect in better way. And it’s always a fun to watch these kind of videos.

Human beings are visual creatures. 65% of us are visual learners. Our brain processes more information, faster (60,000X) when it is presented in a visual format rather than in the form of text. In fact, 1/2 of our brain is dedicated to visual function! We retain up to 20% of the information we process in a visual format as opposed to only 10% of the information we read.Best infographic video Thus, when things are laid out in front of us in the form of an image or a video, we are more likely to remember it than just plain text. infographics video services work as they are presented in visually appealing format. Motion graphic videos are self-explanatory. You don’t need to break the data down any further and explain it to your audience. It’s all right there. Infographics has wide coverage through social media.And it has been proved by research people to watch videos compare to text or images you share. Infographics have tremendous potential to go viral. Have you heard of textual content going viral on social media or otherwise? It is almost ALWAYS an image or a video.When you create an infographic video or motion graphic animation you place your company’s logo in it. Every time you shared, your logo becomes visible to a wider network of potential customers, thus establishing your unique identity online.Needless to say, if all of the above work it will eventually bring in more traffic to your website.

Product demo video can be made in 3D or we can shoot actual product and then compose the same. Product demo videos Simplify complicated processes for your viewers to take action. It helps your client to understand your product in more better way. It explain your product and it’s work in more engaging way. Product demo videos explain your product  in a way that even a kid can understand. Product demo videos are ideal for showcasing your product to prospective and existing customers. Demo videos can take someone who is unfamiliar with your product walk them through how that product works and give them the information that they need to make a buying decision.

Creating infographic video for you is easy. You can share your brief with us through a mail or phone call. Our communication team will share a cost and timeline for the same. Once it’s approved we will be sharing a written script which will explain flow of video, once script is approved we further start working on video first cut of video is shared with client if any changes is required you can mail us the same. This entire process of infographics is designed in a such a way that Our design studio can communicate and deliver it to our client through entire online process, so you can be any part of the world our team will work for you here in our highly equipped design studio.

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