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Our Atellier expertise is in Infographic video services high end VFX, Rotoscopy, Inc & Paint and Mach moving. We have handful experience of working in 3D animation, info-graphics aka motion graphics videos and creative designing.

A place where artist works is called as Atellier in French. We provide Infographic video services. Every day we live up to this word and deliver creatives to industry across the borders. In mid-2011 we started our journey as Atellier. Till date there were many ups and downs in the journey, however our passion towards VFX & Animation kept us motivating to perform better.

We have crazy & creative heads

We are team of 20 people with divers and creative skillset. We make sure that we deliver projects ahead of time, so our clients can complete their commitments. Our team includes 4 team leads with rich experience in VFX and 3D visualization. A Prefect blend of experience and fresher artists always gives us creative solutions to our challenges.

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