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Top Infographic design trends 2017

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Infographic Design trends in 2017

Videos has key importance in marketing. Marketing experts always believes in good returns of the marketing videos.
This videos helps to boost companies sales and it’s branding. 73% of surveyed approve they are more likely to buy a product or sign up for a service if they watch a branded video that explains the product. Today we will discuss about different Infographic trends in 2017.

Video Email Marketing –

Yes you heard it right Video Email marketing. It’s a combination of video marketing and email  marketing. Video allows you to keep your emails concise, and help you get your audience more engaged with your brand.Emails that has video links will help to increase email’s CTR and open rate in this year.

Multi-Channel Marketing –  
Social media channels and websites have become the best place to share videos and gain exposure for your brand. Only uploading it on you-tube is out of date now.Your prospect clients are watching videos on different devices and multiple social media channels. hence you need to make sure your videos are easily available on this platforms and they are friendly with most electronic devices. This trend is trending in this financial year.
Video Storytelling –
Telling stories through video is a highly-effective way to build excitement, nurture relationships, and encourage your audience. This stories can be about your brand, Products or solutions your company offer and how it is affecting consumers life positively.
Viral video –
many years ago Castrol oil shared series of animated videos using south superstar Rajnikath’s character. This videos were widely seen and shared by the people across the social media. Viral videos spread like a fire and gives your brand a visibility to maximum number of people in less time.
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Instagram will be a hot market to target older users –  back then Instagram was only for teenagers but now game has changed companies are using Instagram very effectively to retain old clients and tap the new market.By the end of 2017, Adult users on Instagram will be around 40%. These stats are more significant as the total number of Instagram users are also rising exponentially. When it comes to content marketing, speed is everything.The first to execute always eats 90% of the pie.

Video Influences –  

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from individuals over brands even if they don’t know those people. Interesting isn’t it. Influence marketing has always been a rising trend, especially in Youtube. 

Cross-Platform Strategies  –  
Only one video to all platform is the old version of story. Now It is crucial to create content that is relevant to each platform. what works on Instagram is not the kind of videos you want to post on Youtube. So you should know what works where. our competitors will do intense cross-platform strategizing in 2017 before publishing any video content.

Video and Web design-

Many brands have already started integrating videos into their web design.A simple video can make your website refreshingly unique.Video can captivate new visitors. Think of unique ways in which you can make use of video in your web design. If your home page is a landing page, this could drastically improve conversions.

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