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Top video production steps that are awesome

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Here you have video production steps . Explainer video has to be customized and crafted for your companies special requirements and goals.
So making explainer videos each time is different from last one. Let’s see steps involved in making explainer videos. Here you have video production steps.
Plot – Before making any video or selling a product or services we need to make sure we understand that targeted clientele. There geographical and demo-graphical details like age group, Sex, Economical background and educational details etc.product demo videoWe should know exactly which kind of audience you’re addressing, what you want to achieve with the video, and where you’re going to showcase it on the Internet.This process is essential in order to make a professional explainer video from scratch! At atellier we make sure  Is the purpose of the video to sell, explain, teach or train? Should the tone be formal or informal? Our goal is to take our experience and share it with your vision.We also collaborate with you on discovering the pain points your customers are experiencing. The frustrations they’re currently going through and the challenges they are trying to overcome. We make sure we provide all potential answers to kind of customers query. 

Script –

Creative script always serve as base to the solid video. Whether you have a high quality video or a mediocre one, if the script isn’t good, it won’t covert well. The script is the message you want to give to your audience. There are lots of writing tricks and structures to follow but to sum it up, a good animated video script should be simple, short and have a clear-cut story so to keep the audience’s attention. The script needs to be developed by a professional scriptwriter. At atellier we have a team of experts who studies your business and rights appropriate script.

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Storyboard –

The storyboard process helps us to make sure the visual style and story are matching clients vision and expectation. The storyboard, is like the “how”. Visuals will appear. It´s a kind of sketch that gives you the chance to pre-visualize all the actions that will take place in the video like in the form of a graphic novel. It also keeps surprises and revisions to a minimum once the video is complete.To put it simply, it’s like a comic strip of your video. The storyboard also indicates camera shots and transitions, so it’s a vital step to know what everything will look like at the end.

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 Voice-Over –

Almost every animated marketing video uses a voice to narrate the script over the video. At atellier we have professional voice over artist who can make voice over in multiple regional and national languages. So, We can use one video for multiple targeted audience.  

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Animation –

After the completion of your storyboard and voiceover, we start building the first draft of you video. A group of professional animators work hand in hand to bring all the graphic elements into motion. It is vital that you choose a talented team to carry this stage out, since the characters need to be as natural, lively and human as possible and at Atellier studios we have trained team working on this kind of videos since last 7 years.

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Music and Sound Effects –

This stage involves editing the music, mixing sound effects and making audio adjustments to enhance every aspect of the video and reinforce the power of the message you´re passing on.Many times, the sounds and music are as important as the video itself.

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Delivery –

Upon your final approval, we’ll deliver your finished video in the highest quality format. We’ll also provide you the explainer video in different sizes of resolution.

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