White Board Animation

What is White Board Animation?

It’s a type of animation where, static images are drawn in front of the viewer in video format on white board. Whiteboard animation has limited background elements. Whiteboard animations are simple yet undoubtedly engaging. Whiteboard animation has minimalistic animation to reveal story.
Forms of White Board Animation?

In whiteboard animation we can have only text with minimum elements reliving story. Most of the time Whiteboard Animation has static images in black and white. To bring more interest these images can be filled with color. Small movements or animations can be part of Whiteboard animation.

Why to use White Board Animation?

Whiteboard animation is most engaging as it builds story in front of viewer. It’s great tool to explain complex information in simple form. Whiteboard animation is great for Start-ups, Financial Institutes and small businesses. According to marketing experts whiteboard animated videos has best ROI.
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