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Award-winning 3d Product Rendering Services

Product Rendering Services are not a new term for market leaders and marketers. They have been using realistic 3D Product rendering services for product marketing, sales, advertising, and branding. Realistic 3D product renders help businesses attract more viewers, they play important role in effective communication with end users, and realistic 3D product renders increase the digital presence of the brand. Our product rendering services help designers, marketers, and clients to visualize products in a completely new light.

At Atellier we are pioneers in creating realistic 3D Product Rendering. We have been serving different industries like electronics, FMCG, food, jewelry, etc. across the globe. We have a fully equipped studio with expertise in product visualization services. We help business to visualize their product before manufacturing them with our 3D product rendering services.

Benefits of High-Quality 3D Product Rendering Services.

Highlight Product USP

The product’s Unique selling points are solutions to the problems customers face. Companies invest time, energy, and money in research and development hence it is very important that the USP of the product is highlighted and well communicated to the client. Product visualization services showcase USP in the best possible manner.


3D Product visualization has accurate measurements of the product. Hence, the 3D product image looks real. 3D technology gives you immense control over the Modeling and rendering process.

Effective Communication

3D rendering outperforms in the area of communication. the good quality image helps customers to understand the product easily. 3D images capture minute details and technology help them to showcase the product in a creative way.


With Product rendering businesses can showcase multiple product variations. These variations can be of color, size, material, textures, etc.


Product rendering services make product image customization easy. We can add customized backgrounds, environments, or colors as per the client’s requirements.

Where Can You Use 3D Product Rendering Services?

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Marketing Campaign

With festive seasons, celebrations, or campaigns businesses always try to stand out in the crowd. Well, designing and defining a marketing campaign needs top-notch visuals. At Atellier, we provide photorealistic 3D images that boost marketing campaigns. With the latest technology and 3D product rendering services we can create customized product photos that are difficult to capture in an actual photoshoot.

Catalog & Brochures

Companies spend a huge amount on printing brochures and catalogs. Apart from content and design realistic, in detail product images is essential for brochures and catalogs. Realistic 3D Product rendering services can provide detailed product images for your printing requirements.

E-commerce or Websites

Clear product images and videos help buyers to make buying decisions. E-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc motivate sellers to upload clear, white background images. Product rendering services provide the best hero images of your product. For websites, hyper-realistic images are a must and with product rendering services you can customize your images with your brand.

Bill Board

Billboards are an effective as well as a popular way of marketing.HD 3D product render images look stunning on any size of billboard. Realistic product rendering services help businesses to create stunning customized product images.


Businesses invest huge money in training and development. While explaining the product, its features, and benefits 3D product images, and explainer videos can be used. Many business uses exploded product renders to explain product interiors.

Social Media Platform

For brands, it’s very important to have an active social media presence. High-definition 3D product renders and videos increase viewers’ engagement on social media platforms.

Why choose Atellier as your 3D Product Rendering Services Provider?

Atellier is the best “3D Product rendering services” provider in India. We serve clients from all over the world. We have been serving clients for more than a decade. We provide a range of Product rendering services like Hero Images, White background images, customized 3D Images, Close up images, exploded images, etc.

Creativity at its Best

At Atellier we have expert and experienced animation artists. Hence, you will get the most creative way to present your product to your client. We understand your product thoroughly and then design conceptual and creative ways to bring it to life.

Top-notch Technology

At Atellier we are committed to perfection. Hence, right from the fully equipped studio to the experienced staff we always work hard to improve our workflow and quality.

A Team that is Available

With lots of experience and trials, we have developed a strong communication process. Throughout the project, you will always get email updates on images or videos. Our team will be always available at another end of the email or phone calls for all time zones.

Expert with Experience

As a company, we have 12 years of experience in the animation field. our artists have a handful of experience with expertise in their respective fields.

Timely Delivery

We understand your commitments and value your time. With experience and a strong team, we deliver quality work on time. To date, we have delivered 95% of projects on time.


We are far ahead of our competitors in terms of quality, delivery, creativity, and prices.

How to Hire Atellier Studio for 3D Rendering Services?

To hire Atellier studio for any 3D Product renderings services below are a few simple steps that need to be followed

Share Project Brief – Have 3D product rendering requirements just write us at ask@atellier.in with in-detail requirements like expected output, product model or image, no of products, and reference image if available.

Costing & Timeline – Once our team studies your requirement we share the costing and timeline required. Once the costing and timeline are finalized we start working on the project.


Workflow for 3D Product Rendering Services

Information Gathering – We gather all necessary information from the client for the project and check it. like product models, references, USP, type of images required, camera angle, etc.

3D Model Creation – 3D models are a grayscale representation of the product. We create 3D product models as per images or CAD models. These models are shared with the client for approval.

Look Development – We apply textures, basic lighting, and shadows on the approved model just to make sure the Textures and colors of the product match the original product. This basic product image is shared with the client for approval.

First cut Output – Before submitting the final image we share low-resolution images so final changes can be suggested. Once changes are done HD Output is shared with the client.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Product Rendering?

Product rendering is the process of creating realistic and visually appealing digital images or animations of products using computer software. It allows businesses to showcase their products in high-quality visuals for marketing, advertising, and design purposes.

How Realistic can 3D Product Renderings Look?

3D product renderings can look incredibly realistic, often indistinguishable from actual product photographs. With advancements in rendering technology and software, skilled designers can create highly detailed and lifelike renderings that accurately represent the physical appearance of a product. The level of realism achieved depends on several factors, including the expertise of the designer, the quality of the 3D models and textures, the lighting and shading techniques used, and the rendering hardware and software employed. At atelier we create high-quality 3D Product renders which looks exactly like real product.

How Does the Product Rendering Process Work?

The process typically involves the following steps:

  • 3D modeling: A 3D model of the product is created using specialized software based on design specifications, measurements, and reference materials.
  • Materials and textures: The model is assigned appropriate textures, colors, and materials to accurately represent the product’s appearance.
  • Lighting and environment setup: Virtual lights and environment settings are adjusted to create realistic lighting conditions and backgrounds.
  • Rendering and post-production: The 3D scene is rendered to produce high-quality images or animations. Post-production techniques like color correction and image editing may be applied to enhance the final results.
  • Review and revisions: The client reviews the initial renders and provides feedback for any necessary revisions or modifications.
  • Final output: The approved renders are delivered to the client in the desired formats, such as high-resolution images or animations.

What Information is Needed to Start a Product Rendering Project?

To start a project, the following details are typically required:

  • Design drawings, sketches, or CAD files of the product
  • Measurements and specifications
  • Material and color references
  • Desired camera angles or viewpoints
  • Any specific requirements or instructions

What File Formats are Commonly Used for Delivering Product Renders?

Commonly used file formats for delivering product renders include high-resolution images (JPEG, PNG, TIFF) and animations (MP4, GIF). The files can be provided via email, cloud

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Product Rendering Project?

The project duration can vary depending on factors such as the complexity and scope of the project. We discuss the timeline at the start of the project.

What Factors Affect The Cost Of Product Rendering Services?

Cost of the product rendering services depends on complexity of the product and scope of it. As well as the number of images the client needs, quantity etc plays an important role in costing. To start with, it can range from 50 USD to a few hundred USD.

Can I Get My Product Images On A Customized Background?

Yes, definitely with 3D can customized background as per the requirement. Either we can create a 3D environment so the client can visualize the product in a real scenario or you can place the product on your brand color background. 

We Keep Coming With Various Offers In Festive Season Can We Compose These Renders When We Needed?

Yes. We provide high quality PNG product images so you can compose it as you wish.

Do I Need To Pay An Entire Amount To Create Color Or Texture Variation In My Product?

Absolutely Not. For color and texture variation you have to pay very nominal charges.

What We Make

jewelry icon

Jewellery Animation

Jewellery is the most popular thing in the entire world. The present-day number of designers bring out a unique form of fashion which are changing the trends of our society.

Our 3D Jewellery Animation video explains your product in a simple and attractive Way. Introduce your design through 3D animation. 

Jewellery Animation, Jewelry Design Video, Diamond Jewelry Animation,

explainer video icon

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are small 1 to 3 min videos, explaining the concept, services or just telling a simple story.  These videos can be in 2D, 3D or whiteboard animation format.

Explainer videos are a good tool for video content marketing and used by many international brands.

2D Explainer Video, 3D Explainer Video Teaser Video, Whiteboard videos

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Providing e-learning services to big corporate has been always our area of interest. We are an e-learning company with domain expertise that’s why we have served big corporate and International companies for more than 1000+ hours. While working on E-learning we make sure we are on Subject and on branding while making courses.

Training Videos, E-learning videos, and Animated videos in App

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