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What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that combines computer-generated content with the real world, enhancing the user’s perception and interaction with their surroundings. In AR, digital information is overlaid onto the physical environment, allowing users to see and interact with both real-world and virtual elements simultaneously. AR technology is typically achieved through the use of …

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3D Exploded View: Enhancing Understanding and Visualization Introduction

A 3D Exploded View is a graphical representation technique used in various fields, including engineering, product design, architecture, and computer graphics. It presents a three-dimensional object by displaying its components in an intentionally disassembled manner, providing viewers with a clear understanding of the internal structure and the relationships between different parts. This visual presentation technique …

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What is Product Animation?

Product animation is an engaging form of video marketing that revolves around crafting three-dimensional, highly realistic animations to showcase and promote a product. Through this creative approach, product animations excel at highlighting intricate product features that could be challenging to grasp through conventional two-dimensional images or videos. Furthermore, these animations establish a compelling emotional bond …

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What is Jewelry Rendering?

Jewelry rendering, a professional computer process, involves generating photorealistic images of jewelry pieces. By utilizing 3D models, these objects are brought to life and illuminated within rendering software. The benefit of this approach is the ability to preview the final product long before its physical production. 3D Jewelry rendering provides the opportunity to showcase rings …

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