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We are one of the best Animated Video Production company in Bangalore. Our team has been serving different types of businesses for more than a decade. We have a handful of experience in serving big multinational companies, mid-size organizations, and start-ups.
Our expertise lies in creating photo-realistic 3D renders of products, jewelry, and machines. We have a handful of experience in creating E-learning Video content for organizations and educational institutes. For the service industry, we create engaging 2D animation videos. Over time we evolved as a one-stop solution for all businesses’ video content needs. Our client can communicate faster and effectively with animation video. It also helps them build trust and branding in their organization.

Different Types of Animation Video Created By Our 3D Animation Studios in Bangalore

At atellier we have created various types of animated video as per client’s needs. Each video has a different purpose to serve hence, we have to customize our videos as its needs and requirements.
On the basis of different animation styles here we are presenting types of animated Video.


3D Animated Videos – As the name suggests These videos have 3-dimensional motion graphics. These are aesthetically more appealing and realistic videos. Mostly preferred by product-oriented companies or agencies. 3D animation services allows the smooth interaction of your product with anything like water, land, air, etc.


2D Animated Videos – Lot of videos you come across on social media are 2-dimensional animated videos. Most of the time they reveal a story in a very engaging way. Clients can select Text animation or character animations. Characters can be customized or created as per the story. These types of videos are perfect for Service-based Industries.



White Board Animated Videos – It’s a simple type of animated video. In which images or text are revealed on whiteboard or blackboard background. White Board Animated Video services are the very basic types of animation and quite pockets friendly.

On the basis of uses of animated videos, there are below types of animated videos.



Product Explainer View – If you have a product or just a simple idea or service explainer videos are the one you should select. As per the client’s requirement, we can create an explainer video in 2D or 3D animation style. We are one of the leading explainer video companies in Bangalore.



Animated Teaser Videos – Mostly used for product-based industries. Companies use teaser videos while launching new products. Teaser videos create a lot of excitement in audiences.


Corporate Videos- Animated corporate videos are trending. Business wants their corporate videos more effective and engaging as it helps to communicate their values and build brand trust among audiences. Atellier Studios is the best corporate video production company in Bangalore. Animated Corporate videos are mostly created in 2D format.


Product Demonstration Video–   Many buyers make the final decision of buying after they see a product demonstration. Any physical product or software company invests in creating a Product demonstration video. At atellier we can provide amazing and engaging animated product demo videos services. These demo videos are very realistic and SFX makes them more appealing.



Product Marketing Video –  Have you recently seen Cadbury ad or advertisement for Apple iPhone. yes, both of these advertisements are animated videos. It focuses on how the product solves issues in our lives. We have successfully created more than  300 animated product videos.


Branding videos- Branding is not a day’s task.  It takes continuous and honest efforts. Here we walk along with you on this journey by providing engaging and creative branding videos.



E-learning Video Content – In this type video content is created to train or educate respective audiences. Widely used by multinational corporates and educational institutes.

Why You Should Choose Animation Services From Atellier Studio In Bangalore

We are a 10-year-old young and dynamic animation studio, we provide a one-stop solution to all your business video content needs. If you need explainer videos or demo videos or branding videos. Then Atellier studios are your best choice for animation production houses in Bangalore.
-Our team has quite a good experience working for diversity. We skillfully catered Multinational business, mid-size corporates, and start-ups. Be it a project of one minute or 1000 plus hours. We deal with the same enthusiasm.
– Being in the industry for more than a decade.we have developed a standard work procedure and effective communication way. Hence, we can serve our clients from anywhere in India.
– We understand every video has a different purpose to serve. Hence we open our ears and point out each and every detail client provides us. We study client’s requirements, their target audience, geography, demo-graphical details, the platform on which video will be published and all this information plays a vital role in video creation.
– Our team is experienced and expert employees working for you.
– We understand the efforts and finances involved in creating animated videos hence, we are very strict about following commitments and deadlines.
– With our skillful employees and world-class infrastructure, we can serve bulk projects of animated business videos.

The workflow of Our 3d Animation Company in Bangalore.

  • Hiring Atellier studios the video production company in Bangalore as your animation company in Bangalore is very easy that you thought. Just send us an email with all your requirements. our team will get back to you with their questions and pricing. Once we finalize it, our content writer starts studying the DNA of the client and writes a powerful compact script for Video.
  • This script has to be approved by the client. Once the script is approved, our graphic team starts working on graphics and storyboard that is in case of 2D animation for 3D animation we get product drawings or photographs from clients and we create real product models from it. Once a model is approved, the script and making of the storyboard process follow.
  • On the next stage, our animator creates stunning animations as per scripts. The first cut of the animated video is shared with clients for their feedback. Once Video is finalized we apply royalty free background music or voice over if needed.
  • The final video is released in HD format and whats app version.In the entire workflow, all communication can be done through emails. Including sharing final output.