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Atellier Studio Creative Video Production Company in Mumbai

Atellier Studio is a Video Production Company in Mumbai. Use our superior animation services to improve your marketing performance. 3D animation captures the audience’s attention quickly. 3D animation gives an excellent visual representation of the product you want to market.  The universal appeal of animation is very impactful. Use our animation services to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Companies use 3D animation to interact with their audiences. Concepts can be presented imaginatively to highlight product features and uses.It can help your customers visualize using the product and evoke customer participation.  This can make them feel more connected to your brand. 

3D animated videos can be posted on multiple platforms. Internet viewership is mainly video-based. This can increase conversion by 80%.  Engaging 3D animated videos can be shared. 3D animated videos can be used on offline platforms such as sales meets, product demos or product expos. 

You can let your imagination fly when you use 3D animated videos for your business. Complex ideas can be brought to life easily.  Animation is a great tool for brand promotion and building trust among the clients. Businesses can combine technology and animation to explain their ideas to wider audiences. A well-made animated video has a great brand recall. 

3D animation can be used to produce photorealistic visualizations and rendering. Designers can view the  finished product through 3D models and correct errors if any. This can be done before the product is manufactured, saving time and money.  The videos can also be used to offer customized products to customers. Customers can choose color, texture, or material. Your customers can proceed to purchase the product after viewing the newly rendered image. 

Why You Should Choose Atellier Animation Studio In Mumbai

Atellier Studio is a 3D animation studio in Mumbai is one of the pioneers of 3D animation for businesses in India. Our creative team of animators and graphic designers are passionate about their work. We are well versed in the latest marketing trends around the globe. Before we start any project we make sure we have understood the project brief and needs completely. We spend time with every client to understand the product and how it works and what is the purpose of creating video? The channels of communication are kept open during the animation process to remove any ambiguity.  This attention to detail translates to visually stunning videos that meet the client’s objectives. We have a rich portfolio of work and have handled 3D animation on different verticals. Atellier Studio is transparent about pricing. Our prices are reasonable and provide a great return on investment. We love what we do that gets translated into our work.

Different Types Of Video Created By Our 3D Animation Studios In Mumbai

Atellier Studio makes many types of 3D animation videos. Some of the videos created by us are

As an explainer video services company in Mumbai,  we use 3D animation technology to demonstrate your product, services or idea. 3D technology can be used effectively to improve product understanding. There are several strategies like 360 degrees fly around and an exploded view of the product, will help your audiences get an in-depth understanding of the product.

We are proud to be the best jewelry Rendering Company in Mumbai. Our animation team understands precious metals, gems, and precious stones. We use our expertise to showcase the best features of your jewelry. The high-resolution images and videos can show the exquisite features of your product. We give a wide range of options to showcase your jewelry design including on body animations, still images and turntable animations.  Use our images or videos on your website or eCommerce platforms and establish your digital footprint. We fulfill your expectation of jewelry visualization by our jewelry rendering services.

We are a product Rendering Company in Mumbai. Our team render your products after receiving your cad drawings or photographs. Our team of animators and graphic designers are experts in creating photorealistic photos. We can showcase your product using whitespace rendering or contextual rendering. Product rendering services can be used in different verticals.

As an Video Production Company in Mumbai, we use 3D animation to produce high-quality animated videos. Our 3D animation services is both vivid and imaginative. We excel in breaking down complex subjects in simplified terms. Atellier Studio can make educational videos for your staff or customers. We can do different types of educational videos including micro-videos, training videos and tutorial videos. Our engaging videos are designed to encourage anytime anywhere learning. 

We are a corporate video services company in Mumbai making 3D corporate videos to communicate your message to your customers, staff or stakeholders.  We can incorporate 3D animation, motion graphics, and infographics. You can communicate your company’s founding principles, products or services, and objectives. Our clients have used corporate videos for product launches, instructional videos, recruitment videos, and internal communications.  

Workflow Of Our 3D Animation Production House In Mumbai

Our Video Production Company in Mumbai has 3 distinct processes in the 3D animation process.

  • The preproduction process starts with a script or a synopsis. The script contains the storyline, description, dialogue, etc.  The storyboard is the foundation of any 3D animated video. It contains the visual representation of the scenes. The dialogue, background animation are included in the storyboard. The storyboard contains the layout of the story. The storyboard is approved by the client.
  • The production process the graphic designers and animators start working on each element in the 3D animation process. There are various steps in the animation process such as modeling, layout and animation, rendering, and lighting. Our voice artists simultaneously record the script. 
  • The post-production process involves editing the 3D animation, integrating the dialogue and animation in perfect harmony. We add audio-visual effects if any. We show the final edited video for approval. The approved video is handed to the client.