2D and 3D Animation

What is 2D & 3D Animation?

2D animation is simply two dimensional moving pictures making sense in easier ways for mind to understand and remember with minimum efforts.
Whereas in 3D animation, a background or a character is developed in 3 dimensional like if modeled, it can be treated as physical model and can be move or seen as desired. 2D animation is traditional and classic way of animation since late 1800s. 3D animation creates more realistic object that appears solid and can be put in real life videos for effects and/or various purposes.
Forms of 2D and 3D animation

Many anime series, cartoon channels and TVC also known as television commercials are in the form of 2D animation today. Stories can be developed in 2D or 3D animations for various purposes. With 3D animation we can create CGI (Computer generated Image). With 2D animation and 3D animation we can make different types videos like Stop – Motion animation, Typography video, Educational videos, informative videos, explainer videos, Motion graphic animation and 2D character base videos. In VFX (Visual Effects) 3D Animation combines with live footage.
Why you should have 2D & 3D Animation?

Animation gives life to character and elements; it helps to communicate in effective way. With 2D and 3D animation you can explain your concept beautifully. Visualization of your concept in the form of 2D or 3D animation helps to understand your services or story easily. Few seconds of animation explains more than hundred pages of content. Animations are more engaging content. 2D and 3D animation is best for explaining concept to your clients or educating them on new processes.
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