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12 Amazing Branding Video

Videos are must have Videos in your Video content list. Branding videos helps you to stand out among your competitors. Though the concept of branding is aged and companies have created valuable brands, with time and in this digitization era it necessary to invest on Branding Videos. The online market is pretty crowded right now. business should make a killer branding video to get noticed in the crowd. Just search google for the best brand videos, and read articles about them. You will get to know the importance and impact of these videos across all the verticals. Branding attracts customers to your product unlike marketing, As marketing pushes products to customer.

What is Branding Video?

As the branding term is related to companies identity similarly, branding video talks brand identity. Rather than talking about product or services they focus on company values, ethics and over all approach of business. Sometimes they do not talk about brands even but they highlight Idea behind it. Brand videos helps business to position them self and creating an identity. Brand videos promote your company as the best possible option to the widest audience.
“Branding is not something you do to gain equity or ROI in one day, one week or one year,” said Brafton Design Director Ken Boostrom. Many small or big businesses confuse Branding with Marketing. As branding is not at all a short term goal. So does a branding videos will not generate business in a day or months but engaging brand video will help to create your companies identification in audiences.  Most of the time Branding is Visual communication, for an example company Name, Logo, Colours etc . And what else than video can win the game of visual communications. Video is one of the top shared parts of content on social media. If your video is relevant to your audience, they will share it with others who they think it will be useful for it. Brand animation video allows your message to engage more potential customers. Such organic targeting of individuals means your content will naturally reach the right people if it’s useful in its messaging. Brand awareness videos are one of the best ways to get a referral or word-of-mouth business. And again, this is why it’s essential that your logo, marketing, and reputation work cohesively to form an indelible impression on consumer minds. Use Brand new videos to introduce your brand to newcomers, answer your website visitors’ questions, or to make them laugh—not to create a favorable and lasting impression. Through brand animation video, you can give consumers a purpose to care and feel something about your brand; they have a reason to buy. Most people make purchasing decisions based on emotions, not logic, so create excitement in your prospects every time they see your brand.

What Is the Importance Of Branding Video?

Branding video is a must have for all types of companies. It can be a Startup or decade old business, small, big or mid size company. Can be a manufacturer or service industry branding and branding video is a must for them. Mostly people think branding is done by big organizations only, but strategically business should start branding at a very early stage. Let’s discuss importance of branding video,

Builds A TRUST :- A solid brand video helps brands to build trust among the audiences. These audiences are their potential clients. Brand video gives a face to your company. And people love to buy from people with high value system.

Generates more customers – Yes a good brand always get a referral business from their clients. And Engaging brand videos helps to create a positive impression. And engaging branding videos builds the familiarity and assumed dependability of using a name clients can trust. As discussed earlier, it’s not a days task to achieve however, once brand is established it generates business with word of mouth.

Branding Video Adds a Value:- It’s important for brands to create their values. And branding video helps you to exactly do the same.
A strongly established brand generates value and this value help business in achieving future goal. for an example when Apple entered in computer segment it captures good part of business as they carried brand value of i-phone.

How and When You Should Use Branded Video Content?

Brand videos are best once your business grow strong. So, with brand videos you can reach with maximum audiences. Even the startups can use brand videos ass part of their launching strategy. Business can use these brand videos at growth, expansion or launching of company or product.

Different Type Of Brand Video.

Branding is multi stage and multi level programmer. If we study deeply branding video has 5 basic types of it. They are like below

A culture Video – Earlier we have seen branding is multi level process. Hence, it’s not only limited to clients it’s equally important that your employees should have a positive impression of the brand they are working for. And culture videos talk about organizational culture and work culture so employees build  trust in your brand.

Interview- Well known and widely used for personal branding video. When Apple comes in the mind second thought is of Mr.Steve Jobs. Now why this happens? we remember him through various interviews and presentations at launching Apple products. Interview is a very effective medium for branding as it is very engaging. Interviewer can ask many questions and make it dynamic. Cisco keeps updating their interviews on their channel which helps them build a brand.

An Animated Brand video – The best thing with animated videos are there are no limitations. Animated videos makes anything possible with stunning visuals. They are more engaging than live shoots. Amul has used animated videos and visuals very effectively for branding.

An Explainer Video – As name suggest explainer videos explain the concept, product or services in detail. These in detail explainer videos establish the brands in crowd with it’s in-detail knowledge and engaging style. mostly explainer videos are used for educational purposes.

Amazing 12 Animated Branding Video Examples

In this article, we are showcasing 12 Amazing Branding Video to get ideas for marketing your videos. The following Branding Video examples which help you to get some concepts for marketing and advertising.

Microsoft Brand Video

Microsoft is a secure and robust messaging and works management app. This video shows that you can attach or connect with anyone through an open-directory model, implement secure work management and messaging and digitize business methods with action cards.

Google Brand Video

A Google Doodle is a unique, short alteration of the logo on Google’s homepage. This video defines Google’s logo is intended to celebrate events, achievements, people, and so many other things. It also talks of range of products google has. Entire video focus on perfection and innovation as their brand believes.

Starbucks Brand Video

Starbucks is an American coffee company founded in 1979. This video describes information about Starbucks. It starts from the beginning till date. They are highlighting the popularity of their brand and expansion story. Perfect branding video to build trust among your clients.

Domino’s 2D Branding Video

Domino’s is an American multinational pizza restaurant which was founded in 1960. This video shows that Pizza represents how our customer interactions develop the Domino’s brand, encouraging them to give you what you want, where and when you want it. It\’s a very engaging video with pop up colors establishing brand and it\’s value.

ICF 2D Branding Video

ICF is an international brand working with companies and governments to plan, design, and implement trans-formative projects. In this branding video it explains the value system behind company and their USP\’s. ICF is to make big things possible; a thousand little things need to work together. This video defines that ICF helps navigate all those details because they were done it countless times before.

DHL Shipment 2D Branding  Video

DHL is the world’s largest logistics provider company, and they offer to ship as convenient for our customers as possible. This video defines they make sure that goods get cleared by Customs quickly, and customers can use our online tracking tools to see where your shipment is at any time.

JOHNSON’S 3D Branding Video

Listory is a place where all can gather and curate into lists the things you are enthusiastic about. This video communicates our ancient history of using only primary oils as our main ingredients, all in the time it takes to destroy germs in your mouth on contact—roughly 30 seconds.Brand video focus it\’s natural ingredients used in the product.

Listory 3D Branding Video

Listory is a place to where all can gather and curate into lists the things you are enthusiastic about. This video communicates our ancient history of using only primary oils as our main ingredients, all in the time it takes to destroy germs in your mouth on contact—roughly 30 seconds.

Dell 3D Brand Video

Dell is a US-based multinational computer technology that manufactures, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products, services and assistance. This video shows Revolutionary 17-inch gaming laptop with an upgradeable, overclockable desktop with Intel® Core™ i7 and i9 processor and GPU.

Almay Brand Animation Video

Almay is an American cosmetics brand which sells and markets products toward people with sensitive skin. Video created by them highlights that their products are chemical free and natural as well as gentle for skin. Very creatively  it\’s been highlighted that brand has huge product range.

Lays Brand Animation Video

Lay’s is the name of a brand for several potato chip varieties, as well as the name of the company that founded the chips brand in the U.S.A. This video shows one of the flavours of lays. This brand explains the excitement lays brings in.

Apple I-phone 8 Brand Animation Video

Apple uses video content very effectively.  iPhone 8 are smartphones designed, produced, and marketed by Apple. This video defines an excellent animation which attracts customers. Market your product With the help of this Product animation video.

Information You Should Provide To Animation Company for Creation of Brand Video.

Basically a brand video establish a brand and helps business to create a positive impression. And this can be achieved only if Video production company gets all the information they needed. basic and most important thing is Goal they want to achieve at the end of branding Video. Best branding video considers the audience, their age and preferences. Video production team needs to study companies entire DNA so they can deliver a power pack video.

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