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3D product animation is a digital technique that brings products to life through dynamic, computer-generated imagery sequences. We have expertise in crafting stunning and attractive 3D product ex-plainer videos that answer all queries your potential buyers have. We follow a holistic approach to creating customised 3D product animation videos.While creating 3D Product animations we understand the purpose of the product video, the client’s demography, pricing, competitors, etc, and then share the script for the videos.

You can uplift your product’s value in the market by using 3D Product animation services. 3D product animation services help businesses to showcase their product in the best possible light, helping buyers to make informed decisions. 3D Product animation video attracts more audiences, keeps them engaged and explains USP of the product.

Hire the best 3D Product animation studio to create stunning and hyper realistic product animation to bring your product in life. A well-crafted 3D product video can be used for product marketing, sales, advertisement, branding as well as on websites, social medias etc.

Stunning 3D Product Animation and Rendering Services.

Benefits of stunning
3D Product Animation Services

Visual Realism

3D product animation brings products to life with incomparable visual realism. It allows viewers to check and understand the product’s uses, features, and design from multiple angles that engage clients and give them better experience. Realistic 3D animation videos help potential clients to make well informed purchase decisions. Furthermore, 3D product animation can showcase complex details in an easy way and highlight unique selling points that may not be easy to convey with traditional 2D images or text descriptions.Moreover stunning 3D Product animation videos are more likely to be shared on digital platforms.

Increasing Engagement

3D product animation explains product in artistic manners. In this digitalization, clients look forward to more detailed information that traditional ways cannot showcase. They are now seeking more interactive and visually appealing experiences. By incorporating 3D product animation videos into your marketing strategy, you can capture their attention and keep them engaged with your brand. These videos allow you to showcase the unique features and benefits of your products in a dynamic and captivating way, making it easier for customers to understand and connect with your offerings.

Effective Communication

Complex product concepts, USP and designs are challenging to convey through traditional media. 3D product animation simplifies information with stunning animations and explains processes in an easy way, making it easier for customers, stakeholders, and employees to understand. Animated video not only enhances understanding but also helps in building trust and increasing brand value for the target audience. At Atellier, we specialize in 3D Animation Services, offering stunning product render images and dynamic 3D product presentations. Customize the buyer’s experience effortlessly with our 3D animation service.

Enhanced Marketing

With the speed the world is moving, companies' marketing teams always need to search for various Ideas to stand out of the crowd. 3D Product animation helps to capture client’s attention and leave a long-lasting impression on the clients. These 3D Product animation videos can be used for marketing and brand awareness at various platforms like advertisements, Websites, or social media platforms. Utilize 3D product renders for impactful marketing across various platforms. Explore our 3D animation product video services for dynamic visual content.


Nowadays, businesses are focusing on customization. The rising demand for personalized goods and services is what is driving this shift toward customization. Customers now expect businesses to adapt and cater to their unique needs and preferences, leading companies to prioritise adaptability as a key competitive advantage. 3D product animations are versatile, and it’s comparatively easy to customise them from time to time. It can also be repurposed for various platforms, including websites, presentations, trade shows, and training materials. This adaptability ensures consistent messaging across different channels.


Producing a high-quality actual product video needs a huge budget as it includes prop costs, talent fees, equipment’s, set construction, production timelines, casting, and many more. In contrast, a 3D product demo animation video is made by using 3D software digitally hence, animated videos are very costly. 3D product animations can save time compared to traditional photography or physical prototypes. Changes can be made swiftly, reducing the need for expensive re-shoots or re-manufacturing.

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Where to use 3D Product Rendering Services

Marketing and Advertising

Incorporating 3D product animations,and 3D Product rendering services into marketing materials such as videos, commercials, and online ads can significantly enhance visual appeal and engagement, ultimately driving sales and brand awareness.We can create all types of customised realistic 3D product videos for all types of business requirements. 3D images can be used in printable material like catalogues, brochures and flyers.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Incorporating 3D product videos into trade show displays and presentations is a highly effective strategy for attracting attention, engaging attendees, and effectively communicating product features and benefits in a visually compelling manner. By leveraging the immersive and interactive capabilities of 3D product animation video, businesses can create memorable experiences that drive interest, generate leads, and ultimately contribute to their success at trade shows and exhibitions.


3D product animation enhances the e-commerce shopping experience by providing customers with interactive views of products, allowing them to explore details and functionalities before making purchasing decisions. 3D Product animation services offer a more immersive and engaging online experience, businesses can increase customer satisfaction, reduce returns, and ultimately drive sales in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Product Development

3D product animation services are invaluable tools that empower designers and engineers to visualise concepts, test functionality, and identify potential design flaws early in the product development process. By creating detailed 3D product animation well before manufacturing, companies can streamline their workflows, improve communication and collaboration, and ultimately deliver superior products to market.

Training and Education

Companies utilise 3D product videos to develop training materials and educational resources that provide clear and detailed visual instructions on product assembly, operation, and maintenance. By leveraging the interactive and engaging nature of 3D product animation services, companies can enhance learning outcomes, improve retention, and ensure consistent training across diverse audiences. Many companies use 3D product animation services for their internal training programme.


Incorporating 3D animation videos into branding strategies allows brands to create visually compelling, engaging, and memorable content that effectively communicates their brand message, strengthens brand identity, and drives customer engagement and loyalty. 3D animated videos offer brands the flexibility to expand their reach and explore new markets.

Workflow for 3D Product Animation Services

  • Information Gathering

    For 3D product animation services we need inputs like product CAD models, photos (if available), Texture details, USP and features to be highlighted, reference video, scope of work, any special requirements etc. Once all information is gathered we start working on video.
  • Video Script Development

    After gathering essential information our creative team along with clients, writes video script. video script is in-detail document about video like camera angles, sequence, what will be shown on screen etc. That can be turn in story-boarding. Writing a video script is very important as it avoids confusion and communication gaps.
  • 3D Modelling and Background development

    Most of the time our clients share CAD model we do not use same model for visualization. We create our 3D model of product and environment using visualization software. Once model is created we share it with client for approval. Meanwhile we also create environment Model in 3D.
  • Look Development

    3D model of the product is just a gray block of the product. To bring realistic look we have to apply textures, shaders, lights etc. final look of the product has to be approved by clients
  • Product Animation

    Approved 3D product model is then animated as per the pre defined script. These animations are shared with client for their approvals and feedbacks.
  • Composition

    Various components like animation, Background music, Text, Voice over if any, environments, etc. are composed together at this stage.Low resolution video is sent to client for feedback and revision if needed.

Why us as your 3D Product Animation Services Provider?

Atellier is the leading 3D Product animation services provider .We have been serving clients from all over the globe for 3D animated videos, 3D Jewelry rendering services and 3D Package rendering services. We create customised 3D videos like ex-plainer videos, product launch videos, teaser videos etc.

Unleash Your Imagination

With our team of skilled animation artists, creativity knows no bounds. As a premier 3D product animation company, we specialize in crafting imaginative and captivating presentations for your products. Our expertise lies in 3D Product Animation Services, empowering businesses to showcase their products with unparalleled clarity and creativity."

Punctual Performance

Understanding the significance of your deadlines, we honour your time with timely deliveries. With over 12 years of industry experience and a dedicated team, we ensure prompt delivery of top-notch quality work. Our proven track record boasts a remarkable 95% on-time delivery rate for product rendering projects, reflecting our commitment to meeting your expectations."

Accessible Team

Drawing from extensive experience and refinement, we've established a robust communication protocol. Expect regular email updates on images or videos throughout the project. Our team remains readily available via email or phone, accommodating all time zones to address any queries or concerns promptly.

Cutting-edge Technology

We leverage state-of-the-art technology to deliver top-notch results. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements ensures that we provide innovative solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. With the latest tools and techniques at our disposal, we guarantee exceptional quality and performance in every project.

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Great Support Team

Incredible! Experience the finest 3D design and animation services for marketing products and properties. Get ready to elevate your business to new heights with our exceptional services!
Carol Jackson

Very Powerful

Atellier’s team is highly dedicated, ensuring excellent communication throughout the process and delivering high-quality imagery promptly. We come highly recommended for their commitment to excellence and efficiency.
Emily Ovens

Excellent Service

We created 7 product videos with atellier. Overall experience of creating 3D videos was amazing and smooth. Their team has given us some best options for animation and we are very satisfied with their services
Mayur Jain

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Product Animation Services?

Product animation services involve creating dynamic and engaging visual presentations of products using computer-generated animations. These animations showcase the features, functionality, and usage of the product in an interactive and compelling manner.

How Does The Product Animation Process Work?

The product animation process typically involves the following steps:

  • Information : The client provides the product specifications, design files, and any reference materials.
  • Script :  A documented script is created, outlining the key scenes and actions to be animated.
  • 3D modeling: A 3D model of the product is created based on the provided design files or specifications.
  • Look Developmet : Basic textures and colors are applied to the product.
  • Animation and rigging: The product model is animated, incorporating movements, interactions, and transformations as needed. Rigging is applied to control the object’s behavior.
  • Lighting and environment setup: Virtual lights and environment settings are adjusted to create suitable lighting conditions and backgrounds.
  • Rendering and post-production: The animation is rendered to produce the final video output. Post-production techniques like editing, sound effects, and voice-overs may be applied.
  • Review and revisions: The client reviews the initial animation and provides feedback for any necessary revisions or modifications. Two revisions are free at cost.
  • Final output: The approved animation is delivered to the client in the desired format(s), such as video files (MP4, MOV) or interactive formats.
What Information Is Needed To Start A Product Animation Project?

To start a project, the following details are typically required:

  • Product specifications, design files, and reference materials
  • Concept (if available)
  • Target audience and marketing objectives
  • Duration and format requirements for the animation
  • USP of the product
  • Any specific requirements or instructions
What File Formats Are Commonly Used For Delivering Product Animations?

Commonly used file formats for delivering product animations include video formats like MP4 and MOV. Interactive formats such as HTML5 or WebGL can also be utilized for interactive presentations. The files can be provided via email, cloud storage services, or file-sharing platforms.

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Product Animation Project?

The project duration can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the product, the length of the animation, the number of scenes, and the workload of the animation service provider. We share a timeline at the beginning of the project.

Can I Get My Final Video As Insta And WhatsApp Format.

Yes you can get a whats app version at free of cost where as for Insta version can be availed at a very nominal price. Kindly inform this at the beginning of the project.

What Will Be The Costing Of Product Animation Services?

The Cost of the animated video depends on scope of the product and complexity of the project. It can vary from 800 USD to a few thousand USD.

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