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MHDR Electronics Inc Israel sought our expertise in crafting an engaging 3D product animated video for their inaugural portable water filter and dispenser design.

MHDR Electronics, an Israel-based company established in 1980, stands as a prominent importer and marketer in the region. Recently, they introduced a new compact water filter and dispenser, boasting amazing features. In pursuit of an engaging and high-quality 3D product explainer video, they aimed to showcase all the features and uses of their innovative product.

This case study explores the intricacies of our internal processes, demonstrating how we successfully conveyed the benefits and functionality of MHDR electronics product to their target audience using a high-quality explainer video.





Atellier Studio:
Choosing Our Expertise

As MHDR geared up for their new product launch, the necessity for digital prototypes became apparent to bolster their go-to-market strategy – a need shared by numerous clients. They approached us to visually showcase the functionality and design of their groundbreaking device, catering to a diverse audience including investors and local authorities.

MHDR discovered Atellier Studio through a Google search, captivated by the quality and detail showcased in our animation portfolio. This discovery led to a a indetail online call.

In an extensive discussion, we explored creative avenues and refined key messages crucial for the project. Client’s team resonated with our approach and direction, finding it aligned with their vision. Confident in our capabilities, they entrusted us with the project. Armed with a clear understanding of their requirements, we embarked on creating digital prototypes to MHDR bring their innovative product to life.

First-ever Concept: MDHR Electronics ventured into uncharted territory by introducing a groundbreaking product to the Israeli market. However, this endeavor came with its challenges, including the need to create awareness about the new product, its unique selling points (USPs), features, and values, while also educating consumers about its benefits.

Problem Solving: Given the inherent challenges new products face in establishing their presence in the market, it was imperative that our 3D product video effectively highlighted the end uses and benefits of the product.

To address this challenge, our solution was to develop an in-depth video aimed at educating prospective clients and providing a comprehensive understanding of the product. The company intended to showcase this video on their showroom displays and to their dealers and distributors. Therefore, we created a 1.30-minute video explaining the product’s technology, the issues it solves, and how the product will revolutionize the water filter market.

Tackling Challenges and Enacting Solutions

The Atellier Studio Distinction

MDHR were very impressed with the final result and the process of working with Atellier Studio, which enabled them to secure the backing of their directors and accurately represent their product. But don’t take our word for it, read Mansoor review below:

My team and I were really pleased with the final result – a product render animation – and the Atellier Studio team were great to work with. Super helpful, friendly, and professional. Would 100% recommend!

Working with

Atellier Studio crafts exquisite 3D assets suitable for diverse marketing campaigns, as exemplified by Adil quadri. Our robust machines enable the creation of imagery and animations at any resolution, catering to the needs of every advertising campaign.
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