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What is 3D Product Rendering?

3D product rendering is a computerized process of creating a three-dimensional Image of a product using Visualization software. Rather than photographing a physical product, designers use specialized software to generate a digital model that accurately depicts the product’s appearance and features. 3D product rendering is an easy way to see your product and get feedback on it before manufacturing it. 3D product rendering is a powerful tool that enhances the presentation of products in the digital world, providing a versatile and cost-effective alternative to traditional photography.

At Atellier we have more than 15 years of experience and expertise in creating realistic 3D product Images that can be used for research, development, sales, and marketing purposes. We have been working with clients from all over the globe from all time zones. Our 3D artists craft product renders as you wish them to present them. Hyperrealistic 3D Products and live Images created by us can be used on various platforms like social media, websites, catalogs, billboards, etc. Our communication and delivery process is very smooth as a result of our decade of experience. You can share CAD drawings with us online and relax our experts will do their part and bring stunning 3D Images to life. 

Award-winning 3d Product Rendering Services

Product Rendering Services are not a new term for market leaders and marketers. They have been using realistic 3D Product rendering services for product marketing, sales, advertising, and branding. Realistic 3D product renders help businesses attract more viewers, they play an important role in effective communication with end users, and realistic 3D product renders increase the digital presence of the brand. Our product rendering services help designers, marketers, and clients to visualize products in a completely new light.

At Atellier we are pioneers in creating realistic 3D Product Rendering and 3D Jewelry Rendering Services. We have been serving different industries like electronics, FMCG, food, jewelry, etc. across the globe. We have a fully equipped studio with expertise in 3D product visualization services. We help business visualize their product before manufacturing them with our 3D product rendering and 3D Package Rendering Services.

Creating 3D Product Images for the Range of the Product.

“We are thrilled to share a few of our Product rendering Projects with you”

Benefits of High-Quality 3D Product Rendering Services.

Highlight Product USP:

The product’s Unique Selling Points, derived from extensive research and development investments, offer tailored solutions to customer challenges. It’s crucial to effectively communicate and showcase these strengths through 3D product visualization services, ensuring clients grasp the distinct advantages that set the product apart in a competitive market. Research and development investment emphasizes effective USP communication to potential clients.

Effective Communication

Engaging 3D rendering is unparalleled in enhancing communication. As a leading 3D rendering company, we recognize the significance of high-quality images in facilitating customer understanding of your products. Our advanced technology allows us to capture intricate details and present your products in a creatively compelling manner, ensuring a comprehensive and visually appealing showcase


3D Product visualization has accurate measurements of the product. Hence, the 3D product image looks real. 3D technology gives you immense control over the Modeling and rendering process.


Product rendering services make product image customization easy. We can add customized backgrounds, environments, or colors as per the client’s requirements.


Utilizing product rendering empowers businesses to actively showcase an array of product variations, encompassing diverse attributes such as color, size, material, and textures. This dynamic presentation not only captivates the audience but also facilitates a comprehensive understanding of the product’s multifaceted features, fostering informed consumer decision-making.

Where Can You Use 3D Product Rendering Services?

3D Product Rendering of Cooler

Marketing Campaign

With festive seasons, celebrations, or campaigns businesses always try to stand out in the crowd. Well, designing and defining a marketing campaign needs top-notch visuals. At Atellier, we elevate marketing campaigns with our 3D product rendering services, providing photorealistic images. Leveraging the latest technology, we specialize in creating customized product photos that are challenging to capture in a traditional photo shoot. As a leading 3D product rendering company, our expertise ensures stunning visuals for your marketing needs.

Catalog & Brochures

Companies spend a huge amount on printing brochures and catalogs. Apart from content and design realistic, in detail product images is essential for brochures and catalogs. Realistic 3D Product rendering services can provide detailed product images for your printing requirements.

E-commerce or Websites

Clear product images and videos help buyers to make buying decisions. E-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc motivate sellers to upload clear, white background images. Product rendering services provide the best hero images of your product. For websites, hyper-realistic images are a must and with product rendering services you can customize your images with your brand.

Bill Board

Billboards are an effective as well as a popular way of marketing. HD 3D product render images look stunning on any size of the billboard. Realistic product rendering services help businesses to create stunning customized product images.


Companies allocate significant funds for training and development. To effectively convey product details, features, and advantages, businesses often leverage 3D product images and explainer videos. Additionally, many enterprises opt for exploded product renders to provide comprehensive insights into product interiors, enhancing their communication strategies and fostering better understanding among stakeholders.

Social Media Platform

Establishing a robust social media presence is crucial for brands. Incorporating high-definition 3D product renders and videos is instrumental in boosting viewer engagement across various social media platforms. These visually captivating elements not only showcase products effectively but also enhance the overall brand presence, fostering a stronger connection with the audience.

Why choose Atellier as your 3D Product Rendering Services Provider?

Atellier is the best 3D Product rendering services provider in India. We serve clients from all over the world. We have been serving clients for more than a decade. We provide a range of Product rendering services like Hero Images, White background images, customized 3D Images, Close up images, exploded images, etc.

Creativity at its Best

At Atellier, we house expert and experienced animation artists who excel in bringing creativity to life. As a leading 3D product rendering company, we ensure you receive the most imaginative and compelling presentations for your products. Our team excels in crafting captivating animations, including 3D Product Animation Services, to showcase your offerings creatively and engage your clients effectively.

Top-notch Technology

At Atellier we are committed to perfection. Hence, right from the fully equipped studio to the experienced staff we always work hard to improve our workflow and quality.

A Team that is Available

With lots of experience and trials, we have developed a strong communication process. Throughout the project, you will always get email updates on images or videos. Our team will be always available at another end of the email or phone calls for all time zones.

Expert with Experience

As a 3D Product Rendering company, we have 12 years of experience in the animation field. our artists have a handful of experience with expertise in their respective fields.

Timely Delivery

We comprehend the importance of your commitments and respect your time. Leveraging our 12 years of experience and a robust team, we consistently deliver high-quality work within specified timelines. Our track record speaks volumes, with a successful on-time delivery rate of 95% for product rendering projects to date.


In various aspects crucial to business success, such as quality, timely delivery, innovative prowess, and competitive pricing, we proudly stand miles ahead of our rivals. Our unwavering commitment to excellence sets us apart, ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction and reinforcing our position as an industry leader.

How to Hire Atellier Studio for 3D Rendering Services?

To hire Atellier studio for any 3D Product renderings services below are a few simple steps that need to be followed

Share Project Brief – Have 3D product rendering requirements just write us at ask@atellier.in with in-detail requirements like expected output, product model or image, no of products, and reference image if available.

Costing & Timeline – Once our team studies your requirement we share the costing and timeline required. Once the costing and timeline are finalized we start working on the project.

Workflow for 3D Product Rendering Services

Information Gathering:

As a 3D rendering company specializing in product rendering projects, we meticulously collect essential project details from clients, encompassing product models, references, USP, image specifications, and camera angles. This thorough process ensures precise and customized results for your product rendering project

3D Model Creation:

3D models are a grayscale representation of the product. We create 3D product models as per images or CAD models. These models are shared with the client for approval.

Look Development:

We apply textures, basic lighting, and shadows on the approved model just to make sure the Textures and colors of the product match the original product. This basic product image is shared with the client for approval.

First cut Output:

Before submitting the final image we share low-resolution images so final changes can be suggested. Once changes are done HD Output is shared with the client.

3D Product Rendering Case Studies

Belden Inc.’s American branch reached out to Atellier Studio to fulfill their need for 3D product rendering services, an essential component of Belden’s ongoing system upgrades for the development of their Product Information Management (PIM) system Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Product rendering?

Product rendering is process of creating digital images with the help of 3D software’s. With Product rendering services help business to showcase their products in the best possible light.

What is visualization in 3D modelling?

In 3D modeling, visualization means creating lifelike images or animations from digital models. It helps people understand and interact with the virtual designs by making them look realistic in a three-dimensional space.

How realistic can 3D product renderings look?

3D Product rendering looks hyper realistic. One cannot differentiate between actual photographs and 3D renders Image.  However, realistic photos can be created by well experienced artist or sudios.

3.       How does the rendering process Work?

A very first step of 3D rendering process is 3D Modeling.

*3d Modeling : Most of the client share CAD drawings or product photographs. We convert this in 3D model.

# Shading and Texturing – 3D model is just a gray model hence next step is applying textures and shades to the model.

# Lighting – As per camera angles and environment we create lights for the Image.

# Rendering and Post production – Rendering is process by that we can generate a final product image.

# Revisions – Render images are shared with clients so they can share their feedback.

# Final Output – 3D render images then shared in desire format s with clients.

What information is needed to start a product rendering project?

To start with we need

–         CAD files or STL files or Sketches or product photos

–         Material ,color  and texture photos

–         Desired camera angles

–         Any specific Information or requirements.

What file formats are commonly used for delivering product renders?

Commonly we use file formats like PNG, JPG, TIFF. However we also cater any personal requirements.

How long does it take to complete a product rendering project?

Project time depends on the various factors like scope of the work and complexity of the product.

What factors affect the cost of product rendering services?

There are various factors that affects the costing of the product like scope of the project, complexity of the product, requirements etc. Project cost starts from USD 50 per product.

Who can use 3D Product Rendering Services?

Anyone who designs products, sells things online, or wants to show off their products in a realistic way can use 3D Product Rendering Services. It’s helpful for making products look great before they even exist or for showcasing them online.

Can I get my product images on a customized background?

Ohh yes!! You can make as many as customized background images you need.

We keep coming with various offers in festive season can we compose these renders when we needed?

We provide PNG Images of your product so you can compose it as you want.

Do I need to pay an entire amount to create color or texture variation in my product?

No. There are nominal charges for these services.

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