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How to Connect Infographics Animation For Business Promotion


We have covered how to use Infographics animation for business promotion. One of the most common uses of infographic animation videos is to visualize statistics to make them more palatable and meaningful. Three ways to accomplish this are through the use of simple representational graphics, using a storyline and embedding the numbers in a recorded video through post-production work.


Nowadays people use iconic graphics to depict key concepts, which are often abstract. For example, a tape measure shows the size of the problem, diagonally crossed lines represent red tape and an EMR system is conveyed by a simple dashboard. Using representations from the physical world can help viewers understand important ideas. In addition, notice how this video takes full advantage of the audio track by interjecting sardonic humor—a tone that adds to the absurdity of the current medical record mess in the US.


Another compelling way to make data meaningful is to embed it in a storyline. People are naturally drawn to stories, making it easier to sustain their attention. A narrative also gives the data the context it needs to promote understanding.


Then there’s the post-production infographic video, where animated objects, text and infographics animation are added onto a previously recorded video. This approach provides a way to show data in a familiar physical environment, which is another way to provide meaning and value.

The video below promotes buying and eating local foods in Canada. Notice how the animators used the element of surprise by juxtaposing unexpected objects, like 3D bar graphs rising up from a set table, broccoli arranged into a forest and signs placed directly into food on the table.


In this brief explanation of Gmail Mobile, the purpose is to show how the mobile version of Gmail includes the same functionality and data as the desktop version. Using stop-motion animation—where objects appear to be moving on their own—is an excellent way to convey the idea that what’s on the desktop is moved to the mobile device. The upbeat parade soundtrack conveys the feeling that, by gosh, Gmail Mobile must be great.


The video below explains the water cycle process from collection to purification. Using quick frame changes with matching music, the animators create a speedy tempo that drives it forward. The conceptual framework of the explanation is organized into numbered segments with subtitles, which help with comprehension. Try to consult video production company for better infographics video

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