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Why you should have Product Animation or Product video?

Videos have been always an important part of marketing. It was known as advertisement or Television commercials which we watch on television. However, it was expensive matter creating or producing advertisements. Concept development, locations, artist, Music etc charges heck from the clients. Good quality advertisement roughly cost between 10 lac. to 50 lac. And broadcasting them on prime time on television is more expensive. With online platforms now having a business video is the must for business. As you can share it without any charges and you can reach out directly to your targeted clients.

Especially manufacturing firms need to showcase their product, its benefits, features, and uses. As product video marketing attracts more customers and it is an effective means to engage the prospect. With e-commerce websites and online payment getaways, many production firms started selling their product online.
And to take advantage of it, it is necessary that companies have product animation videos. So they can display it online. 3D animated videos have a huge impact on customers than live shoot videos.

Let’s see a few types of Product videos

–       Product demo video

–       Product teaser video

–       Product overview videos

–       Product launch video

As discussed earlier Product video for marketing is must to have. Before buying a product the customer likes to know it’s features and benefits rather than still image a video is more engaging as it gives a clear idea about it’s look and feel.

What is Product Video?

It is video focusing and demonstrating the benefits of the product. Service Industries knows the importance of explainer or motion graphic videos however, now a day’s product manufacturer started producing product demo videos. These videos are also known as Product explainer video as it highlights everything about the product.

Videos of 3D Products are the best option available for product videos as in 3D we can highlight products interior as well as exterior. Atelier is a video animation company and we make sure our animated product videos just not talk about features of the product but we highlight how the product helps to solve target audiences issues. Animated product video has a creative engaging story that explains the impact of the product in real life.

Best Product videos can create a better lasting impression in the consumer’s mind, leaving the product features to be experienced rather than explained.

Why have product Animation?

As the name suggests this video has a special goal to explain companies’ product. Let’s talk about service provider companies they don’t have any product to showcase however, their services can be explained in this video.

Companies like Microsoft have product videos for every service they provide right from document management services to the CRM platform.

When it comes to manufactures product demo videos or animated product videos are a basic need for marketing. Animated video shows 360-degree product views. So the client can see an overall look and feel of the product. Its product is complex exploded view of the product makes it easy to understand.  In the 3D animated video, we can show a cut section of the product so the client can get assured of the quality of your product. At Atellier we create photo-realistic 3D animated product videos.

Companies like Apple are creating product animation videos and using it as an advertisement as well.

At Atellier we create animated product video or product demo video for our clients across the globe.  We have expertise in creating 2D or 3D animated product videos.

Shall we opt for product video or screencast Video?

A screencast is typically a real-time recording of an individual’s actions as they browse the Web or works on a computer. Most of the time, a screencast is dry and un-engaging for viewers. Hence it cannot be a solution or alternative for animated product videos. However, screencast provides great assistance for current customers.

Now the valid question is what shall a company opt for 2D or 3D animation?

No doubt 3D animated videos are looking more attractive and realistic and it cost little more compared to 2D. So budget plays an important role when it comes to choosing between 2D or 3D animation. Let us see few Best product videos created by Atellier studios.

Industrial product animation.

Industrial products are always complex to explain with brochures. Our client is a manufacturer of oil engines wanted to showcase their product in a different way. An objective of a video was It should be engaging and it should show its internal working. While showing product engineering of the product was supposed to be a highlight. That was exactly we did in this project.

This product promotion video was used for sales peach and attract more client in one of their international trade shows.

Berg & Schmidt

Berg & Schmidt is an International brand present more than 50 countries. They are leading brand in the manufacturing of poultry products and animal nutrient supplements. They wanted to make product videos. Their customers were right from poultry owners to a farmer so we need to make sure we target both the sections that are B2B and B2C. And decided to create a single video with multiple languages as India we have lot many regional languages and especially farmers do prefer that. Right from writing script to final output everything was done in-house.

Exploded View

An exploded-view is a must when it comes to showing inner engineering of the product. Before starting working on this product promotion video we had a limit for video length and another task is to highlight internal engineering as the entire highlighting point would be the quality of a product.

With 15-sec product promo we nailed the customer’s needs.

Electronic Product

When you are selling the product online your product video should look realistic so customers can get a look and feel of the product. While working on this project quality of the video was really important and we achieved photorealistic visualization for this project.

Garda Fertilizer

Garda fertilizers are Mumbai based Fertilization Company and they wanted a product video for their fertilizers. In this project, we delivered an explainer video with a product demo.

Consumers and Online Video

 Does your consumer trust in online videos? Let’s see what experts have to say.

The online video stats show that they love it. Hubspot’s research shows that 45% of people watch an hour or more of video per day.

 Google adds that 40% of millennials trust YouTube for content, and 60% say videos they’ve watched have changed their perception.

Nowadays before buying a product everyone like to check it’s review and videos that how end consumer will use it?

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