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How to Make Video for Elearning Course

Video learning is in practice for the last 20 years. If you add another vertical to this, the ‘online video learning’ (or eLearning video), it has been around for the last ten years. As you know, the online marketplace changes dynamically, so the expectations rise quickly. The delivery of educational content has changed. Let’s look at the latest developments.  

A boring monologue from some scholar in the first video of the 3D eLearning video course would repel your audience like anything. They certainly want something more interesting. If you are not pushing yourself harder, then whatever money and time you are spending, it is like wasting your investment. 

Its a challenging task. Even if you are rich, you may not succeed in this; on the other extreme, if you are just a beginner with no budget with a smartphone, you might bring some magic with your idea. There are no rules, and you have to create lasting impressions in the right direction.

Since 2014, professional learners have ranked video as their go-to media. According to the global sentiment survey, it has dropped in terms of excitement rating. Its use is so excessive these days that it is no longer a new trend. Video as a media may be a very regular thing these days, but a lot of people don’t know it’s potential. 

Great content with text is crucial, but with the right video approach and placement, you can achieve incredible results. Atellier offers top-notch 3D Product Animation Services – combining text and video to showcase your product’s potential. For more details, click here.

A lot of information in a small package 

The success of teaser videos which run for 30 secs is an example of how much information you can pack in 30 secs. Shorter the video more are the platforms available for posting. That increases your mobility.

Storytelling aspect

Who doesn\’t like stories? And who doesn\’t hate the sale\’s pitch? That\’s where lies your answer. You need to have a storytelling aspect in your video, that is your strength. Otherwise, the video will pass in front of users\’ eye and no one will take notice of it. 

Cultural Nuance 

Things like behavior, emotional standpoints, and cultural roots are portrayed visually through video. It is easier to grasp all these things through moving images.

Budget Limitations

You can make use of someone else’s video and add it to your internal video library. You can gain benefits of eLearning video without spending any money. 

You can create some excellent content by making use of in-house talent. Stories are all around you. You have to tap them. People are always excited to tell their stories. You need to provide the right kind of platform for them. 

The shorter it is, the better it is

This notion is not entirely true. There are many longer videos that are watched millions of times each day. What you should look for is value. How much value it can create for you. It should focus on different perspectives and behaviors. You can adopt a DIY approach to this, but everyone is not that skilled. So, please hire eLearning 3D video making company who know their job. It will save you time and resources. 

You can extract a lot of value out of a professionally done drama, web series or film, with exciting interactions and adding functional elements so that viewers can imagine themselves in different types of similar scenarios. 

You need to have exposure to good eLearning interactive training videos, made with relevant content. Once you find out where you belong, you can scale yourself further. It is not a short term affair. You need to stay and wait for the results. It will disappoint you if you are here for the long term.

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