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12 Amazing Product Marketing Video

We, at Atellier Studio, specialize in creating high-quality product animation videos for our clients. In this blog post, we offer an informative overview of the advantages of product videos for your company.

What Are Product Videos?

Product videos demonstrate how your product operates to users. Products can encompass both goods and services, and these videos inform potential consumers about the product’s features, uses, and benefits. They showcase these aspects in an engaging manner, making product videos suitable for both B2B and B2C companies as a means of marketing their offerings. Companies utilize these videos to captivate their audience through compelling storytelling. We produce such videos to enhance brand visibility. Brands utilize product videos to narrate their brand’s story, emphasize their product’s utility and advantages, as well as showcase its remarkable features.

In terms of effective product videos, our 3D Product Animation Services excel in delivering a clear and emotionally resonant message. We create attention-grabbing introductions, eliminate any dull moments, and place your product at the forefront, highlighting its features and benefits while weaving a distinctive narrative. Our videos possess personality, making your brand memorable and relatable. Choose us to enhance your marketing endeavors and enthrall your audience.

Why Are Product Animation Videos Essential to Business?

Product videos are a versatile marketing tool for business. The number of companies using product videos worldwide has shot up by 63%. 82% of businesses think it is an important part of their marketing strategy. Videos can efficiently convey a lot of information about products or services in a short period. 

Product videos on the landing page of your website can increase your conversion rate. Studies have shown viewers who viewed explainer videos about the product later bought the product. The audio-visual video is a powerful medium. You can use product videos to inform and educate your viewers about their amazing products. 

Product videos are an effective way to position a product in the customer’s life. Customers can picture themselves using the product once they view the product video. 

Videos provide a great return on investment. A good product video can boost sales. Product videos have a strong call of action. Consumers are more likely to buy a product after viewing the product. Most businesses say that product videos can give a fantastic ROI. 

Search engines such as Google views videos as high-quality content. Using videos can improve your SEO ranking. Engaging product videos also encourages viewers to spend more time on your webpage further improving your ranking. 

Product videos can be viewed easily on websites, social media sites, or be embedded into emails. Engaging videos are shared on different platforms. You can show product videos in exhibitions, sales meetings, and trade videos.

A product video can help build the trust of your brand. High-quality product videos can establish your brand as a legitimate brand. Your product video can help your clients feel that you have been upfront about your product and its features. 

Product videos can be viewed easily on different screen sizes. We can view the videos on smartphones or desktops. Businesses can play product videos on large screens during product launches, sales meeting exhibitions or trade fairs.

What Are the Various Types of Product Videos?

There exist numerous types of product videos that businesses can opt for. It’s crucial to choose the type of product video that aligns best with your specific requirements and product characteristics. Some common types of product videos include:

  • Product Launch Videos: These videos serve the purpose of introducing and marketing your goods or services. Product launch videos bring products to life through a combination of audio, visuals, and motion. They are excellent for generating excitement around your newly launched product. Motion graphics can effectively be employed to elucidate the product’s features and uses.
  • Product Demo Videos: Product demo videos demonstrate how your product functions, showcasing its various features and benefits. These videos eliminate the need for organizing in-person demonstrations, providing a virtual experience that illustrates how your product can address challenges or enhance everyday life.
  • Product Teaser Videos: Product teaser videos are brief, typically spanning 15-60 seconds, designed to entice your customers. They are perfect for creating anticipation and generating buzz around your product. Product teaser videos offer just a glimpse, creating suspense and piquing interest.
  • Product Description Videos: These videos offer an effective way to describe your product’s features, functionality, and uses. You can place product description videos on your website’s landing page or the product page itself. These videos provide a comprehensive understanding of the product’s attributes and functions.
  • Product Animation Videos: Product animation videos offer an engaging way to connect with your audience. Animated videos provide the flexibility to model animated characters after your target audience. They can effectively simplify complex concepts into layman’s terms. With the latest motion graphic styles, product animation videos can achieve a realistic look. Well-crafted product animation videos have the potential to captivate audiences and garner multiple shares on social media platforms.

Amazing Product Marketing Video examples

Product marketing videos are an excellent marketing tool to advertise your product. Product videos provide an impactful medium to promote your product over e-commerce platforms. Here are some amazing product marketing video examples.

Cadyce Wireless Charger Product Animation Video

Wireless chargers use an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects using electromagnetic induction, the production of electricity across a magnetic field. This video shows all angles go inside every Look and indicates how two sockets are implicated.

Cadyce USB C adapter Animated Video

USB-C features a new, smaller connector shape that\’s reversible, so it\’s more accessible to the plugin. This video shows the viewing angles go deep into all the intricacies of the product. 

Apple I-phone 8 3D Product Video

The iphone8 is a premier smartphone brand designed, developed and marketed by Apple. The excellent animated product video shows the various features of the product. The Apple iphone8 product video showcased in the Apple eCommerce website and other eCommerce websites. The video effectively showcases how product video eCommerce can entice users to buy their products.

Mohikane 3D Product Animation

Mohikane is one of the brands where they provide sunglasses. This video shows different types and unique details and a 360-degree view of the product through 3D Product Animation.

Mohikane 3D Product Animation

Mohikane is one of the brands who provides sunglasses. This video showcase unique details and a 360-degree view of the product.

Cadyce Product Animated Video

Cadyce is an electronics company. Here this video shows the electronic product and also defines the different purpose of it. This video helps marketing their products through Product Animated Video.

Cadyce Reversible Type C Convertor Animated Video

Cadyce is an electronics company who provide electronic goods. This video shows all angles go deep into all the intricacies of the product. Explaining the product inside out is our speciality.

Cadyce Product Animated Video

As we know that Cadyce is an electronics company. Here we provide another video of this company which shows multiple-use of the product. This video advertises its product in the market thorough Product Animated Video.

PHILIPS 3D Product Animation

Philips is one of the largest electronic companies in the world. This video shows 3D animation and modeling to show their range of products. This product video is a perfect example of a product video eCommerce to showcase product portfolio. 

Dry Box 3D Product Animation

A dry box is a storage container in which is kept at low-level humidity. This video helps to educate customers by breaking it into simple parts and explaining its every element individually.

Industrial instruments Product Animation

Industrial instruments are those which measuring devices which are used for designating, recording physical quantities such as temperature, angle, distance, level or pressure. This video explains Industrial instruments through Product Animation.

redBus Animated Video

redBus is providing ticket booking facility through the online like website, iOS and Android mobile apps. This video describes India\’s largest online bus ticketing platform through Product Demo Animation.

What is the Different Way of Making Them?

There are several ways businesses can make their product videos. Some popular methods companies may use to showcase their products are:-

  • Character Animation is a fun way to market your product. These videos are appealing and can drive user engagement and shares. 2D character animation is popular and is widely used with 2D space to create the illusion of space. 
  • Whiteboard Animation videos are videos shown on a whiteboard. The animation mirrors the whiteboards used in schools or colleges. An animated hand draws on a whiteboard while it explains concepts on voiceover. Whiteboard animations are often used to explain complex concepts.
  • Motion Graphics videos can be in 2D or 3D. Motion graphics is not a character-driven or story-based and can show abstract objects such as logos or rendered objects. Motion graphic videos are suitable for many businesses. These videos can be lively and engaging. 
  • Screencast videos are digital recordings of a computer screen to show how the product is used. Screencast videos are used for apps or digital services to show how apps or service works. These videos are low budget videos and are perfect for startup firms.
  • Live-action videos use cameras, sets, actors or regular cinematography. Live-action videos are ideal for products with attractive packaging or physical attributes that need to be explained if they are shown on film. 

What Are the Key Elements You Should Keep in Mind While Planning to Create a Product Videography?

Product videos are an important component of your marketing strategy. If you are thinking about creating a product video here are some tips that may help:-

  • Setting the goal for your product video will help choose the right format and help you put the concept together. Some common goals for creating product videos are:-
  • Building brand awareness to introduce your product. Brand awareness videos can make your product look good.
  • Generating leads or sales to convince prospective customers to buy your product.
  • Explain the particular features of your product to educate your existing customers. 

Once you have the goal, it will be easy to proceed to other stages of product video such as storyboard and script. 

  • It is important to know your target audience. Knowing who your ideal customer will help you make your message more effective. Asking your sales team or customers will help you narrow your focus. Businesses also get inputs about their brand and products from market research and reviews. Having a look at what your competitors are doing will let you some ideas about how to proceed with your product videos. Businesses should also know about the features of their products that their clients like the most.
  • When you have your target audience, your product video agency can make the storyboard and script based on the inputs you gathered during your market research. The product video company you selected must use the right tone that reflects your brand. The video should also focus on the benefits and not the features. Both the storyboard and the scripts need to reinforce the central idea of your video. Every product video should have a strong call to action. The call to action takes you back to the original goal. Some common calls to action are:- contact us, buy, visit our website.
  • Once the script and storyboard are ready your product video agency will produce your video depending on the video you selected.
  • After your video is ready to be distributed businesses have to figure out where to showcase the product video. You usually show the product videos are usually on the landing page, social media page, emails, etc. 

Things To Consider While Hiring Video Production Agency

Hiring a video production company can be intimidating. There are many companies providing product video services. It is important to have a clear idea about what you want when you are looking to hire a video production company. It is a great idea to have a project brief before you look for an agency. The project brief should contain objectives, information about your company, product, target demographics and the message of your video. 

Here are some tips that can make that can help you choose the right animation video company:-

  • The type of video you are making will help you decide on an appropriate product video agency. You also need to consider the company culture of the company you plan to hire. The agency should be able to understand your product, services, and business model. It should also be able to make videos that can generate revenue. Interacting with the agency will help you assess them better. 
  • Having a budget for your product video will help you make a animation agency. The video cost depends on several factors such as the type of video, the length, the complexity, etc. You may have to weigh in on the experience of the product video creator when you look at the quote. A new agency may be available on a smaller budget. 
  • Before hiring an agency for product video services. It is important to consider the timeline when you require the video. The agency may not start working on your project right away. Both live-action videos and animated videos are subject to delays. You need to ask the production company about their contingency plan for setbacks. 
  • During your interaction ask the production company about their processes. If they are animators, will they be creating customized characters, or will they use elements from their library? 
  • Look at the portfolio of work of the product video agency. The portfolio will give you an idea about the quality of their work. You could ask the agency for samples of their scripts and video production process from the first draft to the final product to see how they evolve. It will also let you know their skills in product video editing services. Asking for reviews from other clients will give you feedback. 
  • Your video may require external talent. It is important to assess if the production video company has access to the talent.. You need to be sure you are not infringing on any copyright laws. The perpetual license to use the voice-over/music used in the videos should be handed over to you. 

Atellier Studio is a video production company for over a decade. We have expertise in photorealistic product videos. We excel in 3D animation, jewelry animation, and product animation. Atellier Studio has worked for different verticals such as IT, electronics, manufacturing, gold industry, mechanical, etc. We have clients around the world. We at Atelier believe in understanding our client’s needs before we take on any project. We provide a complete turnkey solution from concept to final animation. Our high-quality videos will help boost sales.

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