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Why Video Content Marketing is a Must For the Business Future

As we move further into the digital age, video content marketing becoming increasingly evident that video content is one of the most effective ways to reach and engage customers. Research shows that over 60% of people prefer watching videos to reading text, so if you’re not using video in your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity., people frequently view videos online. Finding lifehacks, tutorials, or the most recent news may all be done more quickly by watching videos. Therefore, more than 82% of all internet traffic this year is made up of online videos. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the benefits of using video content and provide tips for getting started. Stay tuned!

Here are a few video content marketing statistics that will help you understand video content marketing for business, including the use of AI content marketing tools.

Video Content Marketing Statistics,

  • 66% of people said they’d prefer to watch a short video to learn about a product or service. 18% would rather read a text-based article, website, or post. (Elite Content Marketer)
  • In fact, as of 2022, an average person is predicted to spend 100 minutes per day watching online videos. (Invideo)
  • According to LearnHub, videos generate more shares and likes than both text and image content combined.

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1. The Surge of Video Content in Recent Years

The surge of video content in recent years

Video content marketing has seen an enormous surge in recent years, as more and more people turn to online streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu for their entertainment needs. This is perhaps due to the wealth of advantages that video content offers compared to traditional media formats like books and magazines. For one thing, videos are much more visual and immersive than text-based content, allowing viewers to experience entertainment in a truly engaging way. Additionally, videos are easily shareable on social media platforms, making it easy for creators to reach large audiences with minimal effort. Whether you’re seeking the latest viral sensation or simply looking to relax with a great movie or TV show, there has never been a better time to embrace the world of video content. So why not dive in today? With just a few clicks, you can start enjoying all the incredible opportunities that video has to offer!

2. Why Businesses Should be Using Video Content Marketing for Attention-Grabbing?

  • Attention-Grabbing?

Videos are the perfect tool to capture your audience’s attention. When compared to other mediums like images. Images can convey limited information in a single frame. Videos can convey the same information in a matter of seconds. Videos may just need two minutes to convey the same information that would take an article seven minutes to read.

For faster and clearer information, many internet users prefer watching videos. Furthermore, unlike videos, highly technical language in publications may occasionally confuse readers.

  • Adaptable:

Articles cannot be displayed everywhere. Generally, you need to subscribe to the post. Displaying your articles on social media can be challenging.  Articles are difficult to find in certain mediums. Videos are much more flexible irrespective if the video is long or short. 

The marketing department can make customized films for each sort of campaign, including landing pages, social media posts, email marketing, and customer assistance. You might create some pretty appealing content to captivate your audience with videos. For instance, using explainer videos on your landing pages rather than just long articles could enhance conversions.

Marketers can create videos for every stage of the marketing funnel. Tutorial videos are a great content format to inspire your audience to keep exploring your company.

  • People like and share videos

One of your main goals is to promote your brand, and videos are wonderful for doing so, which is wonderful news. Statistics show that people share videos 12 times more often than they do text and images combined. Brands are taking their present strategy to new heights by creating tailored films. Both your users and your brand will gain from this graphic material.

How-to tutorial videos are an excellent medium to consider. You can concentrate on highlighting the benefits of your product or give useful how-to instructions.

Another type of video that is interesting to investigate is so-called talking head footage. Since they are similar to face-to-face encounters, they are particularly helpful in the post-COVID era. Make your movies engaging, and if possible, make them laugh. If you succeed in doing this, your audience will be thrilled to share it on social media. If watching a video is nice, you’ll want to share it, right?

Give the audience something to talk about while educating and entertaining them. The key is to use your creativity to create interesting, unique content that gives your brand more individuality.

  • Increase brand recall

The use of movies can immediately increase awareness. In contrast to how it sounds, it is not at all overblown. Do you know that the bulk of trending content consists of videos?

Regardless of the social media platform they use, people have a passion for video content that drives them to talk about it all the time. A video is, therefore, more likely to become a popular topic of conversation once it has attracted a wider audience.

Creating high-quality videos can increase your chances of achieving recognition. With just one video posted to social media, you might be able to reach a wider audience. With this strategy, people will learn more rapidly about your new business and get to know you better.

  • Improve SEO

Videos can help improve your SEO score. Videos are easy to share, and once it on your social media platform, it can be widely circulated. 

Online users can easily share the content on their page. Your videos are more likely to be showcased on several platforms. When more people share your videos, they spread broadly and are more likely to make a mark on other platforms.

The truth is that more shares equal more traces. As a result, when the search engine tries to crawl your video, it is already online. It speeds up the indexing of your content so that web users can access it. As a result, people can locate your page rather easily. Search engines will suggest content when target users are looking for related content.

  • Humanize your brand

The visual medium has a stronger connection than text. This has helped popularize YouTubers as business people. The popularity of YouTube can be attributed to the fact that educational content helps brands develop stronger relationships with its audience. 

It stands to reason that brands would use the same strategy. Online video content that humanizes their company, they hope to establish a relationship with their audience. When their emotions are involved, people are more likely to make purchases.

An outstanding example of this is Pinterest. They produced an online video that shows what it’s like to work at Pinterest and the people that provided the service. Visual material makes it just as simple to tell your tale. If you offer customers a chance to get to know you and your company, they will trust your brand more.

  • Content is easier to consume

Long articles can be a turnoff, even if the content is useful and important information. Video content solves this issue. Video content can convey this information in an easily digestible form. 

Another benefit is that videos make direct audience engagement is also made possible when you post videos on social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube. Audiences can engage with the content by commenting or sharing content. These encounters help raise end-user engagement rates.

People appreciate watching entertaining content like videos, and since the content is easy to comprehend, they will be motivated to engage with it. In the end, engagement is required to boost sales and brand recognition. So while the conditions are excellent, why not attempt creating videos today?

  • Increasing conversion rate

A video marketing strategy will significantly improve your sales conversion rate. Since videos are so interesting, most people would prefer to watch one than read a straightforward essay containing the same information.

You may also make videos for every stage of your marketing funnel. If you need to work on raising awareness, the TOFU approach works great with tutorial videos. However, if you want to direct visitors through your sales funnel, testimonial films are a great option.

Though a call-to-action can be included in written and video content. Your audiences are more likely to respond to call-to-action in video content. This can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your video content.

  • Better Recall

There is a reason why videos have become more popular. You are more likely to remember a video you watched a month ago than an article you read. Research shows visual context has a higher recall. Humans are visual beings. Videos can aid in the understanding of your message when the audience can see and hear your story. Any type of visually enhanced content is more memorable.

Since more people than ever spend time online, there is fierce competition to capture your target audience’s attention. If your content engages your audience while authenticating your brand, you’ll be halfway there.

Utilizing eye-catching, effective colors or pictures that resonate with your target market has a big influence. Create a video that will cause viewers to pause and reflect, and they’ll likely remember your point of view later.

  • Better social impact

YouTube is not the only platform for videos. They have become extremely popular on social media. Today videos are the second most popular content on social media platforms. 

Every social media platform that supports the format, from Facebook and LinkedIn to Twitter, is seeing a boom in video content marketing. Through Instagram Boomerang and IGTV, even Instagram has started integrating videos into its platform.

Statistics by Biteable reveal that social media posts with videos get 48% more views on average than those without them, proving their appeal throughout social networks. We believe that starting to produce videos sooner rather than later and adjusting to the future of content marketing would be preferable.

  • Potential to go viral

Video is a medium with a lot of potential for becoming viral because of its exceptional capacity to capture viewers. We’ve all seen our fair share of viral marketing videos over the years, including ones for companies like Dollar Shave Club, Will It Blend, Old Spice, and many others. We may have even watched them more than once because of their remarkable ingenuity!

The best thing about viral videos is that anyone can make one; all you need is a little originality, humor, and luck. After all, your business might become well-known due to a single viral video!

3. How to Create Videos That are Both Effective & Engaging

There are many important components that go into creating an effective, engaging video. One of the most important is to choose a compelling topic or hook that will immediately draw in viewers. This could be anything from an exciting action sequence to a heart-wrenching story. You should also try to include clear, concise messaging that conveys your main message or key takeaway points in a visual and memorable way. 

In addition, it is crucial to ensure that every element of your video, from lighting and audio quality to editing and transitions, is high quality and professional. By focusing on these key elements, you can create videos that are truly captivating and effective at driving your intended message home.

Animation videos are an excellent way to showcase a product, service, or brand in an engaging and creative way. These videos can be used to tell a story, communicate a message, or simply entertain viewers.

When done well, they are highly effective at holding viewers’ attention and delivering a powerful message that resonates long after the video is over. Whether you’re looking to promote a product or spread an important message, a well-crafted video has the power to engage audiences and inspire them to take action.

4. Tips for promoting your videos online

If you’re looking to create an animation video that is both effective and engaging, here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Start With a Strong Script:

Any great video starts with a strong script. This is especially true for animation videos, as the visuals must be carefully planned and coordinated with the audio in order to effectively tell the story or communicate the message.

When writing your script, be sure to keep your target audience in mind and focus on crafting a story or message that will resonate with them. It is also important to keep your video short, as viewers’ attention spans are relatively short when watching online videos. Aim for around 2-3 minutes in length.

  • Create High-Quality Visuals:

The visuals in your video are what will really capture viewers’ attention and hold it throughout the duration of the video. As such, it is important to put thought into the style, color scheme, and overall look of your animation.

If you’re not confident in your ability to create high-quality visuals, consider working with a professional animator or graphic designer. They will be able to help you bring your vision to life and create a video that is truly stunning.

  • Use an Engaging Voiceover:

The voiceover in your video is just as important as the visuals. After all, it is the audio that will really bring your story or message to life.

  • Use an Attractive Thumbnail Image:

Your video’s thumbnail image is what will appear in search results and on social media, so it is important to make sure that it is both eye-catching and representative of the video’s content.

  • Optimize Your Title and Tags:

When uploading your video to YouTube or another video sharing site, be sure to include keywords in your title and tags that are relevant to your video’s content. This will help ensure that your video appears in search results when people are looking for videos on topics related to yours.

By following these tips, you can create an animation video that is both effective and engaging. Just remember to start with a strong script, create high-quality visuals, and use an engaging voiceover. These elements will help ensure that your video is truly captivating and inspires viewers to take action.

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Well, the result of video content marketing! The vast majority of people frequently use video material when searching for information. They offer a concise explanation, a straightforward narration, and a fantastic graphic to help with message comprehension. As a result, more individuals now like watching videos over other types of entertainment.

Upgrade your marketing equipment now so you can produce excellent video content marketing for your campaign and your advertisers. The interest in watching videos has increased recently, and it is anticipated that this trend will persist in the years to come.

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