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How 3D Product Rendering Can boost your conversion rate?

Internet penetration has spread throughout the world. People worldwide turn to the internet as their primary source of information. Brands need to bridge the gap in the online and offline world. Brands are looking for new ways to capture the audience’s attention. Product renderings are stunning 3d images created with advanced tools. The flawless images are a great addition.  The photo-realistic renders have been used for marketing, sales, and Branding. You can see product rendering images on the TV, online and offline media. Product rendering images pop out and capture the audience’s attention as they see sharper and clearer images. Photo-realistic content helps to address an issue of tangibility and real-looking. Marketers have used 3D product renderings to engage with their customers at every stage of the marketing process. Customers can get comprehensive information about the product. 

Your brand benefits from 3D images in two ways that enhance conversion rates. As noted before, 3D visualizations give your potential customers all the information they need to make an informed decision. They are more inclined to buy and become a customer if you do this.Demographic adaptation is the second strategy. It is simple to adapt 3D realistic images to different cultures and create a compelling narrative using those aspects. This makes it simple for consumers throughout the world to connect with your brand. Your conversion rate significantly increases as a result of this resonance.

According to Forbes magazine, 3D marketing boosted the conversion rate by 40%.Customers have become more demanding and demand a higher degree of customization. They can customize product renders, allowing them to personalize their product. Product rendering introduces an element of gamification into their purchase. Product visualization is a powerful tool for increasing conversion rates. It allows users to get a better understanding of what your product or service is about, making it easier for them to make a decision.

While it’s true that 3D product rendering can be used to help visualize the design of a product or prototype, there is another important reason why it can boost your conversion rate.In addition to displaying what the end user will see when he or she interacts with your product, it also helps to communicate the overall purpose of your design. This can be especially helpful for B2B businesses. 

On top of that, a well-rendered 3D visualization helps to convey the level of detail that goes into creating your product. This can help potential customers or investors to better understand how much work and effort went into designing your product.

Product rendering Services

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What are 3D Product Rendering Services?

Product Rendering services have become a popular way for marketers to showcase products effectively.  Previously, when you wanted to market a product. You had to wait for a product’s manufacturing or prototype and take numerous pictures. This was both time-consuming and expensive.  With the advent of 3D product rendering services, the process has become simpler and faster. 3D product rendering services are offered by computer graphic and animation companies. They use specialized software to create 3D photo-realistic models. These images can be posted on their websites or used for promotional material like pamphlets or videos. Our team of graphical designers and animators can create these detailed 3D models from drawings, sketches, pictures, or data. 

With 3D product rendering services, you can represent products in different colors and materials. We can show the product from various angles, alone or with another object, and We can change the size of the image. Our services are used extensively by marketers and designers as it helps turn a concept into a virtual model and enable them to understand the product better. With product renders, you can display even the most complicated designs before the product is manufactured or released into the market. This is a fantastic method to boost sales, differentiate yourself, or provide your audience with something fresh.

What are the types of 3D Product Rendering?

The different types of 3D product rendering we provide are

Lifestyle Images – 3D lifestyle rendering is the presentation of products in a stylized manner using digitally produced images. It lets you see how a product will appear in real-world settings. 3D Lifestyle images or in-context images can be used to depict the product in an indoor or outdoor setting. For E.g., you can show a sofa in a drawing room setting or a fridge in the kitchen. Lifestyle images help the end-user imagine the product becoming a part of their homes.

3D configurations – 3D configurations allow users to make modifications to the product in real-time. For example, they can try out different outfits on models or change the color or material of the fabric. Or Various color options of the product. This is used majorly in retail.

360 degree images – 360 degree views of products have become popular. Customers enjoy zooming in and expanding the product from different angles. As part of the 3D product rendering service, we work to create the scene and choose the materials and textures. Designers can also use the image to check every inch of the product, prior to production to find flaws in their design. 360 images are widely used in e-commerce to show a holistic view of the product.

Detailed Rendered – Detailed product renderings are photo-realistic renderings that display the product in all of its finer details. Each texture and substance may be seen up close by zooming in and out on these photographs.

Teaser Renders – Teaser renders are used to give a glimpse of a product that is still in production but will be launched soon. Teaser renders are typically used to generate buzz about the product and get the target audience interested and excited. If marketed well, it can generate pre-sale orders.

3D Animation – 3D animation product renders are used to create short videos. They can be used to create product videos or ex-plainer videos about the product. 

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Where is 3D Product Rendering Images Used?

Product renders are used everywhere these days. They have become indispensable tools in different sectors. The most common uses of 3D product visualization are –

Presentations – You can use our product rendering services to create 3D product designs for your presentations. It is a fantastic tool for displaying concepts or soon-to-be-produced items. s. Realistic rendering images can be used for various presentations, including architectural, technical, and commercial ones. In addition, it is considerably more convincing and lifelike than standard photos or drawings.

Product Catalog – Instead of taking several photographs, you can use 3D photo renders to achieve higher quality images at lower costs. We help to display the images in different perspectives and settings and it will look very life-like. 

E-commerce Website – Online stores use 3D photo-realistic images extensively. The website typically displays thousands of products and each product must be displayed as accurately as possible.  Our 3D product visualization services can quickly model various products and present them in a 360-degree view using 3D renderings, giving customers a better overall experience.

Designers – Designers often use 3D Product Models to present different concepts and ideas to potential investors.  3D visualization technology enables clients and designers to collaborate on designs in real-time and eliminates potential production errors before project execution ever begins, this is very effective in accelerating the approval process between the two parties.

Marketers – Marketers often use our 3D product rendering services for different marketing activities like online ad campaigns, product catalogs, and websites. 

Manufacturers – Throughout various phases of the production process, manufacturers also use 3D rendered product images. They first utilize this technology to determine a product’s concept and determine how it will seem after production. Then, teaser videos pique the public’s curiosity and generate some pre-orders, they can also employ 3D renders for teasers in the absence of one or two images of the product that hasn’t yet been created. Finally, they can promote their product to investors and their audience using this technology after the fact.

What are the benefits of 3D Product Visualization Services?

3D product rendering services have become more prominent with the rise of the online retail market. It is widely used to market products ranging from electronics to clothes and high-end products like cars and jewelry. 3D product visualization services offer several benefits to their clients.

Create photo-realistic images of future Products – With the help of our 3D product visualization services, our team of experts can create detailed images of products that are still in production. You can use these images on your company website or use it in your advertise.  The image can be used for market research. By doing market research, you can determine which products will be more in demand. 

Product-to-market fit – Thanks to our product visualization services, that offers opportunity to your team to study  the product and learn more about the features and evaluate the potential for success of the product. The marketing team uses photo-realistic renders and 3D animation to gather market feedback on how to boost demand. 

Customers can explore the product – With 3D renders; your customers can explore the product before purchasing and order modifications if any.

Flexibility in marketing campaigns – Thanks to  3D product visualization, marketers can now plan their marketing campaigns even before the product is manufactured. They can use the 3D models in their digital marketing campaign, and our graphical team can create a required new virtual scene by changing the background as required. 

Get orders even before production – Customers can pre-order the product after viewing the product renders on your website, blog,  or any e-commerce platform.

Why is Atellier the best 3D Product Rendering Company in India?

Atellier Studio has been creating high-quality product concept renderings for over 11 years. Whether it is a 3D product concept renderings or lifestyle images for your marketing campaign, you should consider Atellier Studio as your best choice. Our years of experience have helped us understand the business and know what works. We keep ourselves abreast of the latest trends in the industry to ensure your 3D product renders always shine through. We have a team of experienced and passionate graphic designers and animators who use their outstanding skills and state-of-the-art software to bring your vision to life. 

They meticulously work to create visually stunning 3D models. We provide realistic and top-quality 3D product rendering for electronics, jewelry, consumer goods, furnishings, and much more. You can use these renders on your company website, brochures, e-commerce website, or as part of the marketing campaign.We have a hands-on approach and believe in engaging with our clients at every stage of the project, from information gathering to create the final model. We are proud of our on-time delivery. There will be no unpleasant surprises during execution. 

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