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Cadyce Case Study

We are covering Cadyce Case Study 3D Product Video and its challenges and solution.

Client: Cadyce
Style: 3D Video
Duration: 57 Sec
Requirement: A 3D product video to spread awareness about the brand and wants to establish it’s brand in India.

The challenge:
Cadyce is a leading networking and lifestyle brand having a global appearance. It is the most preferred brand in the computing and digital lifestyle marketplace. They want to launch in India. So, according to their strategies, instead of going to the dealership network they want to proceed with the online marketplace. Hence they decided to have Product videos specially designed for Indian Market. Below were the defined goals for video creation
1. Brand Awareness.
2. Educating people on product features.
3. Creating Value and Brand Positioning in the market.

When a client comes to us with a particular idea, it can be challenging to bring that vision to life in the exact same manner as they see it in their imagination.
When we were approached by Cadyce to create 3d product videos for marketing their products in the online market. We knew it had to be something that would convey their brand message, to spread awareness of products, while informing about the nuts and bolts of their products in 60 seconds. Here’s what we came up with.

The solution:
When it came to creating the animated videos, we point out everything the client informed us and kept it in mind. Our scriptwriter worked with the client to create a script, engaging storyline for Cadcye while making sure it fulfilled all client\’s expectations.

To provide High-quality visualization, Our animation expert created a product model from scratch, and the camera angles were hand-picked so that the video will have a creative and innovative angle to it. We covered all the technical and aesthetic features of the product.

Our lightning and texturing team worked on every minute detail to give photorealistic renders for video. And finally, a compositor brings this all together to reveal Cadyce story\’s to their customers.

We started the project with only one product; however, our video production company ended by giving 40 product videos to our clients. With these videos, their sales boosted by 40%.

Final Video

This is all about Cadyce Case Study 3D Product Video, Keep reading.

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