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De Beers ForeverMark, a renowned luxury jewelry brand, was seeking realistic 3D Jewelry rendering services to improve its product marketing and visual appeal. De Beers Forevermark has an amazing diamond collection and for their new butterfly design launch in the APAC region, they wanted to try much-talked-about realistic 3D Jewelry renderings. Traditional photography and CAD rendering methods were proving to be limiting the brand’s ability to showcase its stunning jewelry collections in a versatile manner.

Challenges Faced by ForeverMark:

  • ForeverMark faced challenges in creating high-quality visuals for its jewelry pieces.
  • The intricate details of their designs were often challenging to capture accurately through traditional photography,
  • And the brand sought a solution that would allow for flexibility in presentation across various marketing channels.
  • They wanted images that could be used for all countries in the Asia Pacific market.
  • They wanted realistic 3D Jewelry images with 360-degree turntable video and on-body jewelry images.
Butterfly Design 3D jewelry Image


Recognizing the potential of 3D Jewelry rendering services, ForeverMark searched for market leaders in creating realistic 3D jewelry rendering. And contacted Atellier Studio through our website. The goal was to leverage cutting-edge technology to create realistic, customizable, and visually stunning representations of their jewelry collections.


The implementation of 3D rendering services began with a collaborative process between ForeverMark’s design team from Italy and Atellier’s experts in 3D artists. The design team shared product sketches, CAD drawings, references, and incomplete briefs about textures, metal colors, camera angles, etc. Our 3D modeling expert created an exact model in visualization software with minute detailing. We shared these models with the client for approval.

Once approved our texturing artist worked on look development and applied textures, colors, shadows, etc. Post look development our lighting artist creates 3D lights, their intensity, environment, etc. 

The rendering process allowed for a level of customization that traditional photography couldn’t achieve. Different materials, textures, and lighting scenarios could be simulated, providing ForeverMark with a versatile library of visuals for various marketing purposes.


  1. Visual Realism: The 3D Jewelry rendering services delivered stunning visuals that resembled real-life jewelry, it’s design, elegance and diamonds. providing customers with a lifelike preview of the products before purchase.
  2. Customization: ForeverMark could easily modify and customize the appearance of jewelry pieces, facilitating the creation of tailored visuals for specific marketing campaigns or target audiences.
  3. Versatility: The rendered images were adaptable for use across various platforms, including websites, social media, print materials, and even augmented reality experiences, expanding ForeverMark’s reach and engagement with its audience.
top image of 3D Jewelry

What Clients Say:

We are very happy with Atellier Studio and their team. We were in search of an agency that delivered what they promised and our search ended with Atellier studio. They have delivered amazing 3D Jewelry images for our website. And we were so impressed that we used these images for our collection launch as well. Thanks, team.

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